Everyone tells you to “just be you”…so how come that is so hard?

You’re here for a reason. No doubt about that. You’re here to be yourself, experience your life, and make a BIG difference.

But there you are, struggling to figure out what’s next for you, which way to go….maybe it’s to the point where you wonder what your dream even IS anymore.

Maybe you feel like you USED know what it was but it got away, somehow.

Maybe you’ve simply forgotten. Maybe the “real world” has gotten in the way too much.

Maybe there are just too many people out there telling you what you SHOULD do (that might not have anything to do with your TRUE plan in life….)

Is there ANYBODY out there who can help you see YOUR unique path and help you WALK it, regardless of what all the cool kids are doing?

You can guess. You can wonder. You can try everything just because it’s what the experts tell you to do. But here’s the thing…haven’t you already done that?

THIS is where Spirit Comes in. What is your REAL plan in this life? It’s already there. In the Akashic Records.

What if your plan–your true MISSION–is as unique as YOU are? I’m here to tell you that it IS…and that it’s just as individual as your DNA.

When you access the Akashic Records, something magical happens.

The REAL you shows up. And let me tell you, I know that she is AMAZING.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are YOUR personal Book of Life. They’re like the “hard drive” for your Soul being–a collection of all of your experiences and intentions, past and present. Past lives, current life, the WHOLE thing.

You can see how getting a hold of  THAT information just might be pretty freaking EPIC, right??

So how do you read this “book”?

You need two things: the help of a Reader (be it yourself or someone acting on your behalf) and the help of Spirit Guides. 

Together, the Reader and Spirit Guides open that book for you.  They guide you to the things you need to know, help show you the way, and help you remember that you’re never alone.

Now, the Guides won’t predict the future, and they won’t always tell you exactly what to do, and sometimes their messages take a little figuring out….but they WILL help you know yourself at a level that just might blow your mind!

You might be asking now why knowing your TRUE self is so important. And here’s why….

Get it right at the SOUL level….and the rest will follow!

But here’s the thing…..once you get connected with the SOURCE, and once you begin to learn your true purpose, THEN what?

One reading and it’s all over, ALL of your life’s mysteries explained and then it’s “off you go”?

No way. I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that!

INTRODUCING the 6 Week Soul Based Akashic ACTION Experience!

I want to help you connect with Spirit through the Akashic Records. I want you to know and understand not only what your big mission in life is but also know how beautiful and amazing YOU are.

Then I want to help you take the NEXT steps. Because baby, knowing does NOT guarantee doing. Not EVER.

And that’s what I’m here to help you do–keep the Universe and it’s messages with you…. and FOLLOW THROUGH in a BIG way.

THAT is what the 6-Week Soul-Based Akashic Action Experience is ALL about.

Not just KNOWING what Spirit guides you to do…but also DOING something about it.

Having the support and guidance not only from Spirit but also from someone a little bit closer to home. Someone to help you translate the messages, ACCEPT them with love, and go DO big things with them.

The 6-week Soul-Based Akashic Action Experience helps you do ALL these things!

In our 6 weeks together you get:

  • A Breakthrough VIP session where we get together, see where you are, and set BIG time intentions for our time together (60 minutes)
  • 3 Individual 1:1 Calls, both Akashic Records reading and “Earth Time” Talk (60 minutes)
  • Three exclusive webinars classes with Homework and Special Topics (30 minutes each)
  • And FINALLY….a Wrap-Up Call at the end of our time together to be sure that you’re satisfied with what you know and are RARING to go! (45 Minutes)

Your investment: $1297.00 (and yes, a payment plan IS available!)

Is one of these spots YOURS? Then it’s time for us to talk and see if this is a fit for you!

Let’s talk about it! Book your call right HERE and we’ll see what you, me and Spirit can do together!


So what are people are saying about Akashic Readings with Jennifer?

“I had the opportunity to connect with her today for an Akashic Records reading and she blew my mind away.  Not only did it feel like I’ve known her my whole life, but I walked away with a lot of clarity. Jennifer answered all of my questions before, during, and after our session.

If you’re looking to tap into your Akashic Records or work with Jennifer in general, don’t hesitate! Contact her now.”

-Danielle Davis  http://www.dclsllc.com/ 

I had heard of the Akashic Records but never experienced a reading prior to my reading with Jennifer. The session felt incredibly powerful and I received insight and confirmation which helped me to gain clarity on various aspects around both my personal life and my new business. Now I feel I can move forward in alignment with my purpose and will definitely go back for another reading.  If you need any kind of clarity then I highly recommend having a reading with Jennifer because it is so worth it.

–Celeste Johnson  

“This was my third time having my Akashic records read by someone, and my session with Jennifer was by far the most fun! I immediately felt at ease while talking to her, and what she shared with my was bang on. She was also able to share some insights about past life issues that were affecting me now, which extremely helpful in helping me heal and move forward with my plans. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your gift!”

–Michelle Schroer, http://www.rebelsoulcircle.com/

Remember…. 6-Week Experience is available at an EARLY BIRD rate for $997 through November 30th ONLY!

And there are only 4 more spaces available at this Early Bird price! (After that it goes up to the original introductory price of $1297.)

If you’re ready, let’s TALK! Book your free 20-Minute chat with me right HERE!

Some FAQ’s For You:

Why have a reader if I can access my records myself?

A reader can help make the experience of the Spirit Guides more relatable and fulfilling. There’s nothing quite like having another guide you through the process, providing insight and affirmation along the way, especially when you’re new to it all! Even if you’re very experienced, having another facilitate the experience brings it to a whole new level of understanding and confirmation (I’ve learned this both as a reader and a readee!)

Who ARE the Spirit Guides?

The Spirit Guides are LOVE itself. They’re an extension of God, the Universe, the Source. They might show up in many forms–angels, ascended masters, light, colors. They’re the bit of the Universe who has always been with you and will never leave you.

What is the process like?

The Reader facilitates the experience from beginning to end. It contains a connection to Spirit, a chance to allow Spirit to speak, and from there it becomes an interactive conversation. One that provides you with what YOU need, right there, in the Moment.

Why is it 6 weeks? Isn’t one reading enough?

You’re always growing and evolving, so no one reading will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know! No two readings are ever alike, even for the same person, and that’s the beauty of it! It’s a practice, one that starts with your deciding that it is finally time to get all-in with your SOUL path. And keep walking it.

And honestly, sometimes Spirit works in ways that aren’t easy to translate….and sometimes even harder not only to accept but also to take any kind of action on.

THAT is the reason for the 6-week experience. There’s time to translate. Time to understand. Time to accept….and the accountability to go DO what you need to do with this information!

Ready to go ALL in?

I want to be sure that this program is a good fit for you, and I want to be sure that you get the absolute MOST out of it all! Let’s set up a time to chat about it TODAY, and we’ll see what you, me, and your Soul Guides can do TOGETHER!


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