Ever found yourself overthinking a big decision? Like, perhaps, figuring out what it is you love to do enough to break out of the cubicle, make into your business, and go after with all your passion, for instance?

Maybe a little Reality TV might help you get out of that trap! Mind you, that is NEVER my ordinary recommendation…(and I can hear the collective “WHAT the WHAAAAT??” coming from my nearest and dearest right now!). But stay with me!

So everyone who knows me knows that I don’t watch the Bachelor. Not at all. Everything about that franchise just makes me sad. Truly.

Seriously….the way that the network exploits people’s most intimate emotions in front of the whole damn country just for entertainment value? Not to mention presenting the pursuit of “true love” as a sport that has to be “won”? SO not cool.

(And it doesn’t matter if the men or the women are “competing”, either. Same result. A freaking sport. Blech.)

The most morally superior person in me responds with all kinds of righteous indignation. As in, watching this and actually condoning its existence is not much better than turning your head to a real-life Hunger Games. 

But for some reason, the other night I felt compelled to tune in for the big finale (as I confessed on my Facebook page recently!). Why, I didn’t know. But tune in, I did. For the last half-hour. To see how it all ended. TOTALLY out of character for me. But I did it anyway and couldn’t quite explain why…..

Until, that is, I saw that there was a message from Above in this stupid little reality show! What could THAT possibly be, you ask? “Don’t go on national television to find a soul mate when what you really want more is just to get famous?”

Nope, it wasn’t quite that obvious…..but there WAS something in it all.

During the show, our bachelor Ben carried on about being in love with two women. Not knowing who to choose. All along I was like, “Yeah, right. You know, pal.

And wouldn’t you know it, in the end, he said that the chosen lady was indeed the one all along.

“Ha! Told ya, Ben!” I said to myself, half grinning with know-it-all-ness and half cringing that I had’nt changed the channel yet. So why WAS I still watching?

But then I took it to a whole new place. And it had nothing to do with prefabricated romance.

What if the reason that we struggle with decisions about big stuff is that we just might not want to give ourselves permission to want what we want? Hmm…interesting!

(As always, I know that this is a lot to get from a pretty weak source. And of course, it required a few leaps in logic. But that’s what I do. I get big stuff from the ordinary, the mundane, the ridiculous, and the sublime alike. And I bring it all to you so you don’t have to waste your time watching this kind of fluff on TV. You’re welcome.) 😉

But is choosing a person to fulfill one’s dreams of perfectly manufactured romance (and ostensibly to spend your life with) the same thing as making a decision on what it is that you REALLY want to do with your life and your business? Well…yes, and no!

The difference here when you’re pursuing a passion as a business is that even if you choose the “wrong” one, no matter–it’s not a lifetime (or an “until the network gets bored with our romance”) commitment! It’s going to evolve. It’s going to change. But the thing is, it has to start in the first place before it can do ANY of that.

It does require the same kind of attention as any big decision. And those decisions must be made with your innermost knowing. Your highest connection. The stuff that you know without thinking. (And DEFINITELY without overthinking!)

And best to just go with it instead of asking your mind to do the job of your Soul.

I believe that a LOT of us know what we want to do….it’s just giving ourselves the OK to go with it, and see what happens!! Don’t put it off until you’re “sure” of what you want to do. Just listen to yourself, be honest, and give yourself the big ol’ YES to what you REALLY want your business to be all about.



(I mean, It’s not like the network needs you to pick the one that’ll get the biggest ratings, is it??) 😉

So what decision are you putting off because it just seems too hard? What (or who) gets that “final” (at least for the moment) rose? Tell me all about it!!

2 Comments on Overthinking Your Life? Advice From the “Bachelor”

  1. Merri
    March 23, 2016 at 8:25 am (1 year ago)

    Yes indeed! Getting going is “the genius” ! Thank you for the great reminder! 🌞😊

    • Jennifer
      March 28, 2016 at 6:18 pm (1 year ago)

      Indeed it is! Best to just go with something and see what happens next when you’re in doubt. Chances are you know what you want WAY better than you think you do. 😉


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