Why is it that sometimes we’re so afraid to DO things?

One of the biggest reasons for just about anyone on the planet: FEAR of what people might say.

As you might know, I’m kind of obsessed with the Hunger Games. Well…maybe more than kind of (not that I’ve decorated a room in my house for every district or named my favorite stuffed animal Finnick, or anything…😜) And as you probably also know, the final Mockingjay movie is hitting the big screens this week (and this girl is SO “on fire” with excitement! 😆). So naturally the whole Social Media and online world is abuzz with movie news, reviews, and of course, J. Law stalking….

I caught up with a story on one of the many SM outlets I’m associated with about the Madrid premiere in which our girl apparently took another very public spill. No big deal, but for whatever reason it was “important” enough to be trending on Facebook.

“OK…why?” I couldn’t help but think. Sure, it’s mildly amusing, and true, this isn’t the first time our J.Law has stumbled in public (ahem!), but….is it really THAT monumental as to be the top trending news item when there is SO much more going on in the world?

Now, you might say that all of this celebrity gossip nonsense really is just all for fun, isn’t that important, and is self-inflicted by the celebrities themselves anyway. I mean, after all, isn’t it their fault for putting themselves out there in the first place? Didn’t they ask for this by wanting to become famous in the first place?

But there might be more to it than that…..what if…just WHAT if, somehow and in some way might we sometimes view celebrities as cautionary tales, maybe not even consciously? In other words, look what happens when you put yourself out in public and be what you really want to be? You get slaughtered. You get called everything in the book. You get ridiculed. You get attacked by the virtual mob that is the internet.

So don’t even try. Stay safe. Keep your head down. Stay out of trouble.

I realize that this is a lot to get from a pretty insignificant blurp of mindless Hollywood claptrap. But really, seriously, think about it for a moment.

Have you ever seen someone (famous or not) go all-out for something they wanted and fall flat? Embarrass themselves? Get ridiculed into the middle of next week for something pretty insignificant, in the cosmic order of things?

Has it ever–even a little bit–given you pause when you wanted to do something a little bit (or maybe a LOT) out of the ordinary?

Now, I’m not saying that we all have aspirations of being the highest paid actress in Hollywood. Or President of the United States. Or winning The Voice. (If you do, I’m not doing to tell you that you can’t do ANY of those things, by the way!). But what if what you want is just to be free, to start your own business, to live life the way that YOU want to?

It can be all too easy to look at the unfortunate mishaps of those who decided to go their own way and suddenly find yourself scared. A person might decide that going for it it just isn’t worth it. Sure, maybe your dreams might not necessarily be of a global scale (yet). But sometimes the threat of rejection or ridicule can be just as scary on a neighborhood scale. Or worse…on your own PERSONAL scale.

What do do?

Short answer: DON’T let that fear stop you. Ever.

Slightly longer answer: I talked about it a few weeks ago when I detailed my adventure as a PBS volunteer: when it comes to doing your thing loudly and proudly, most people will more than likely either be OK with you or entirely blow past what you have to say. Not many of them will take the time to full-on hate it. And more than likely, even fewer of them will pose any kind of real threat (if any at all). So letting the threat of an explosively bad reaction by “people” should never stop you indefinitely. Not ever.

But hesitating to be who and what you are might have even greater consequences than you might think at first–and in GOING for who and what you are, there might also be greater rewards, too! What do I mean?

Think about it this way: how much better of a world would we have if everyone would stop criticizing others for what they do and just BE who they want to be? Go for their OWN dreams instead of hating on those who actually go for theirs?

Wow, what an idea!!

What’s more, indulging in ridicule of those who are going for what they want might not only keep you from pursuing your dreams, but also might just keep your dreams from you. When you look at what others have and for whatever reason find yourself drowning in fear or jealousy, you send a message to the Source. 

You just might (inadvertently) be telling the Universe I believe success is scary and will ruin me, so keep it away from me, please! And the Universe being what it is, It just might decide to oblige you on that one….

Now, who wants to be sending THAT message?

Here’s an idea: the next time you see or hear anybody called out for looking ridiculous, making a mistake, or saying something that came off as stupid (famous or not!), don’t join the hate-fest. OK, fine, chuckle if you must. Shake your head good-naturedly if you like. But after that, just take a few steps back and ask yourself if what the people under scrutiny are saying or doing is actually causing you a problem. And if not, just go on with life. Bless that person for having the courage to be out there, living their own personal dream, even if it does make them look a little bit ridiculous at times. Even if you don’t agree with what they’re saying or doing (barring anything truly hurtful or dangerous, of course!).

Keep going for your OWN dream. And stay in your OWN lane. And DEFINITELY be a positive example to others who choose to spend their time hating on others for doing what they do, famous or not, by NOT joining in the lynch-mob.

You just never know what kind of good you’ll be inviting in when you not only do your own good things, but bless others for living THEIR dreams, too–public clumsiness or not!



4 Comments on Be The DOER–And Don’t Listen To The Talkers (Or, What I Remembered When J.Law Took A Tumble in Madrid)

  1. Merri
    November 19, 2015 at 12:11 am (2 years ago)

    Indeed! Love the message about success …. How perfectly stated! Thank you for the inspiration! 😋

  2. Jennifer
    November 22, 2015 at 4:33 pm (2 years ago)

    Of course! It’s always helpful to support others for getting out there and doing their thing–if only everyone DID get out there and do their thing!

  3. Conny
    November 24, 2015 at 5:53 pm (2 years ago)

    The people that are bashing and criticising the loudest are the ones that are jealous. They wish they could do something of meaning and follow their dreams, but they are cowards. They realize that they are cowards and don’t dare to go after what they want, so they lash out and try to ridicule the ones that are courageous.

    • Jennifer
      November 24, 2015 at 6:48 pm (2 years ago)

      Exactly! Which is why it’s so important to remember to keep to your own lane and do your own thing. 😀


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