Who Knows Best When It Comes to YOU? (Or…Advice about Advice…)

One thing in this world that you definitely will NOT find a lack of is advice.

No matter what the topic, you can Google away (or spend 5 minutes on Social Media) and easily find PLENTY of very authoritative advice.

You’ll find endless advice about business. Fitness. Politics. Recycling. Basket-weaving. Or just about ANYTHING else you can come up with.

And you know what? Fair enough. If you know something, say so. If you are good at something, share it. If you have a talent, OWN it.

But here’s the other part of it…..just because someone is the expert in their field (whatever it may be) doesn’t mean that they’re the absolute authority on everything there is.

And of course, there’s only one true authority on what YOU need to do in life….and I bet you know who that is. (You, of course!)

So here’s the deal–you know that you want to do something that you’ve either never done before or know you’re gonna need some guidance with. Yet you know that nobody can really tell you how to live your life but you.

What do you do? Go at it alone and everyone else can take a flying leap because it’s your life, dammit? Or don’t do anything until someone else tells you exactly how, what, and where to do it because surely they know better?

Well….no and no, actually.

Honestly, I have made both of these errors in judgement when it comes to looking for help and guidance in my endeavors.

I’ve gone too crazy trying to implement someone else’s “sure-fire” strategies because I was terrified I’d do it wrong and therefore fail.

I’ve ALSO gotten so irritated and frustrated with everyone else’s rules in the past that I’ve sworn up and down to go at it alone….and then found myself almost too afraid to ask for help when I legitimately needed it. 

Neither are good options, let me tell you.

So what DO you do?

Honestly….I love having help, support, and encouragement. I love learning from others who have been there and done that.

And just as much, I LOVE paddling my own canoe and allowing myself to be the person who I AM, not just another dreamer who finds herself ironically following a template for independence.

What works for me now is working with people who challenge me to stretch my comfort zone and reach higher than I thought I could on my own. But also who allow me to break new ground, try new things, and get closer to the person I want to be the most. The person I HAVE to be.

That’s what it’s all about. Learning from your mentors. Deciding for yourself what works for you and what doesn’t. When resistance comes up, learning to discern whether it’s resistance due to fear….or it’s simply because something is just NOT for you.

That’s a tough call sometimes. But once you get that wired, you’re that much closer not only to getting to the place you want to be…but becoming the person you truly are.

So here’s my (somewhat ironic) advice about advice: let people have their say. Don’t take what anyone says personally, but rather….see if it resonates with you. Take what works for you. Run with what feels right (even if it doesn’t always feel easy). 

When you feel resistance around something, ask yourself if it’s because it makes you feel fearful….or if it really IS just “off-brand” for you. (Because it could very easily be either one.)

In the end, nobody does it all alone….yet everyone has to walk their own path. And yes, you can have the benefits of both at the same time, really!

This week, I’ll be sharing more about my new “you-based” program as well as my Energize Your Soul 1:1 Intensive Sessions….plus an announcement about an all-new Masterclass for May.

It’s all designed you help YOU become your OWN expert in your own life.

That’s what I want for you. So that’s what I’ll be sharing.

More on that on later this week…..(plus more fun shares about my adventures–headed to Florida this week for a Half-Marathon!)

In the meantime, tell me….what do you usually seek support with when you take on a new project? Getting started, keeping going, staying inspired? On the other hand, what are your strong suits? I’d love to hear that, too…

Until next time…..

Jennifer R.

P.S. This week on Real Talk, Real Dreams….What made Scientific Illustrator Ikumi Kayama decide to try her hand at forging her own path in the professional world? Ikumi talks about what Scientific Illustration is, how she’s made what she does her own, and what she believes keeps so many of us from going for what we really want…..

The Dream-Stopping Power of Fear of The Unknown…

Do you know the future? I sure don’t.

So why is it that we think we have to know it before trying anything new?

You know, one thing I have figured out over the years is that it is easy to convince yourself that you’re secure, that things will never change, that they’ll always be the way that they are right now and that there is nothing to worry about.

One of the ways of buying into that is by thinking that you know what is going to happen next with your job, your relationship, your life, the world….just because you happen to have bought into a path for an “ordinary” life.

I know I did! Sure, when I was stuck in the shoebox pharmacy, I thought that nothing would ever change, that even though I hated every excruciating moment of it, at least I knew it was a stable and secure situation.

Not exactly.

It got harder. It got more demanding. It got to the point where I knew that not only was it something I just couldn’t make myself do anymore….but also I was probably one or two wisecracks away from getting myself irrevocably on the “bad” list with the higher-ups.

And the job was just ONE way that I was duping myself into thinking that I would always know what was coming next. Never mind the rest of life. Never mind that what it was that I planned for decades ago not only didn’t happen but also became something that I never could’ve conceived of back when I first set off on the path to what they call “adulting” these days.

This is a GOOD thing. Sometimes it hurts more than it helps to know too much about what’s coming (never mind the “Back To The Future” references I could throw in here….). Sometimes it’s better to let go and go with what comes up for you rather than try to orchestrate, outsmart, and overthink it all.


Because when you do THAT….you’re leaving it all to your MIND. Your mind and your mind alone. The one that wants to take over and keep you in your place. The thing that wants to keep you safe and unchanged. The thing that is terrified that if you step outside at the wrong moment that you might be eaten by a Saber-Toothed Tiger (and doesn’t know that fear from any other kind…..) 

That mind also doesn’t tend to have a lot of sense when it comes to expansion, evolution, and creation….so why send it to do the Soul’s job?

But it WILL butt in. It just happens. The key is to not let it stop you. See, it’s the mind that creates that fear of the unknown. When you know that, it’s a LOT easier to not take it so seriously. After all, it’s not the only part of you that knows anything.

Believe me, there has been nothing but unknown on my path lately…..and I find that it is sometimes even harder not to let that fear have its way the further along you go. What do you do?

I talk about that right HERE……

What do you think? How have you let that Fear of the Unknown get in your way in the past? (Because I know it has if you’re anything like me!) What did you do about it?

Tell me in the comments below.

What Do You Do When Life Forces Your Hand?

Over the last few weeks I’ve answered a lot of questions. And asked a LOT more.

What does it come down to?

That the most important thing that I believe we all can remember….at least the most important thing I can think of right NOW–is to remember why things happen.

Maybe you can’t always know the true WHY in the moment…..but you gotta know that there IS a reason.

Maybe that reason might not make you happy. Maybe everything might seem “wrong” about what’s going on. Maybe there’s a moment where things just seem like they ALWAYS happen to you and they will NEVER change.

This is what I came up against the other day…..and one thing became clear to me:

LOVE it when life sends you the message in the form of a person, place, or thing that you can’t ignore. LOVE it when the Universe points out something that TRULY triggers you and makes you angry.

LOVE it because it can tell you SO much about what’s REALLY going on in your life. It can point out the blocks that you might not even know you had.

Either or both of these things can move you closer to your own personal TRUTH.

So when something happens that seems entirely wrong, scary, crazy, or out of place…..when something sets you off SO badly that you’d swear you were the Universe’s favorite punching bag…remember that there’s something in it for you. There’s something in it that you NEED to know. 

So I definitely advise you to LOVE these moments for the TRUTH that they uncover…..

….BUT I NEVER said that you have to LIKE them. 

That’s right. You don’t. At least not in the moment, you don’t.

What do I mean by that? Check out the video BELOW and we’ll continue this conversation. 

Are You Holding Back Because of Fear….or Is The Timing “Not Quite Right”?

So what about that moment when you KNOW that something has to change? Suppose you’re in a situation where you know things just can’t go on as they have been.

What do you do to move things along, how do you take all this big action that you KNOW you’re supposed to take….when you seriously don’t know what to do next?

More than likely, there have been signs, opportunities, things crossing your path that have been begging for your attention. They might not be obvious, but I can imagine that to a certain degree, they’re there.

It’s a big-time cliche question, but I’m gonna ask it anyway: What’s holding you back from taking big action on the opportunities that show up in your life? 

Well…would it be completely crazy to say that it’s FEAR? No. Of course not. SO many things come from fear. Fear is EASILY one of the biggest game-stoppers there is (if not THE biggest). Somehow, I don’t think I’m telling you anything you don’t know there.

But then again, there is another reason why things might not SEEM to be happening for you at the moment–Divine Timing.

There’s also a reason why some things that cross your path look like perfect opportunities to advance your game….but somehow they don’t feel “right”. This is INTUITION.

If I’ve learned anything over the past week, it’s that there IS a huge difference between waiting to take action out of fear vs. passing on a seemingly sweet option because something in the situation is just..not..right.

Divine Timing and Intuition vs. Fear–what IS the difference, anyway? Seriously, how do you know that you’re hesitating because things are a little bit off or an opportunity simply isn’t right….or if you’re just plain scared?

As with most things, there is a FEELING to it all. Sometimes that feeling is subtle. And hard to pin down. But it is there.

There’s the moment when something has presented itself….and you KNOW that it’s time to go for it. But then…..here comes the fear factor.

But when it’s this kind of fear, it almost has a tingly feeling to it. Like magic that comes from above, goes down into your head and gives you that buzzed feeling for a moment, only to land in your stomach with a big “OMG, this is real” kind of THUD.

THIS is the moment where the message is that it is TIME to act. This is the “good scary”.

See, you have a right to taking big action when necessary–in fact, a RESPONSIBILITY to do just that.

But then again…..there is the other case.

Sometimes things come up, and for whatever reason, you might get the feeling that something isn’t quite right. That this idea sounds REALLY good in theory….but for whatever reason, something in your heart and your gut is saying “no”.

It’s the moment where that thing you think “should” do in order to make things happen doesn’t quite do it for you. Maybe it feels contrived. Maybe it feels desperate. Maybe it feels out of alignment. Maybe it feels just plain wrong.

THIS, friends, is Intuition kicking in. It’s different than fear of success. It’s knowing that something in front of you is not quite what you need…and that something better is on its way.

What does this feel like? It’s different than the blast from the divine that I described earlier. It’s the feeling of a halt in the gut, that moment where your immediate response is a simple and flat-out “no”.

Sure, you can decide to go after something in this situation, if you’re wanting to get credit for “taking action”. Fair enough.

BUT….if you’re looking to go with the DIVINE creative process and co-create with the Universe for the best and most aligned results, going against your Intuition just for the sake of “doing something” might not be the most productive way.

Am I saying to just sit around until the perfect “next big thing” falls into your lap? Of course not.

What I AM saying is this: make sure you’re clear about what you want, especially how you want your feelings to be. Trust that you’ll be guided in the right direction–even if what comes up doesn’t seem to make total sense.

This “aligned action” thing? It’s all about being true to yourself about what YOU want, then taking opportunities and actions as they arise. Pushing past the fear when you KNOW it’s right. 

(And they WILL arise, too–and in ways that you might not expect, so don’t discount anything when you “get that feeling”!)

Now…here’s a BIG time-waster to avoid no matter what:

Know when you’re over-rationalizing why NOT to do something.

This might happen whether you’re trying to justify not doing something because it’s the wrong thing….OR not doing something because you’re simply afraid.

Folks, it’s either an enthusiastic “hell, yes!” (even though you might be terrified) OR a confident “hell, no.” Period. Make a choice, stick with it. Don’t try to rationalize it. 

Sure, it’s OK to talk about the REAL reasons why or why not–the ones that come from your heart and your intuition. (In fact, this can be pretty useful!)

But don’t invite your mind to the party, here. Don’t blame whatever it is it on lack of money. Or the kids. Or not having time. Or the weather. Just don’t.

It can be a complex and nuanced choice sometimes. Then again, sometimes the choice is obvious. But if I had to boil it down to a few bullet-points, this is what they would be:

  • When the prospect of doing something makes you feel FREE, alive, excited, and totally freaked out, THAT is more likely to be divine inspiration lining up.
  • Sometimes these things lift you up like a rocket, THEN make you crash and feel like you might vomit of stage fright.  Now, THAT is worth looking into! It might be right to get that 20 seconds of insane courage that might change your life.
  • If it gives you more of a feeling of tiredness and obligation….if it feels just “icky” in your gut even though it makes logical sense…then it might more likely be a “pass”.

So tell me, has this ever happened to you? Did you have a moment of fear that you pushed through for the greater good….or did you pass on what SEEMED like a sweet opportunity but you knew it wasn’t right for you?

Tell me ALL about it!

And P.S. : Know what makes this discernment a LOT easier? Connecting with your Soul and with Source! Is it time that we talked about how Soul Intuitive Readings can help YOU? Let’s chat about it! Book a FREE call with me right HERE and we’ll see what you, me and Spirit can accomplish together!

And P.P.S. I go deeper into today’s topic right HERE:

What To Do When You Just Want To Binge Watch Netflix All Day (Calling? What Calling?)

I felt it when I woke up this morning. Heaviness, tightness, BIG time downness. And somehow I didn’t think it had anything to do with Atlanta’s epic loss in the Super Bowl.

The heart center. Weighty and sad. Not even so much sad…just intense. Like I had NO idea how to make things better. And not just for me—I was feeling this sense of obligation to take away all of the strife, confusion, and pain that wasn’t even my own.

Crazy, right? I mean, nothing really seemed all that wrong with me personally. It felt like it was coming from somewhere else. Somewhere elusive and from somewhere just out of my control.

But that was it right there–my life as an empath has showed me that SO frequently, I tend to pick up on the energy and the emotions of others. And today was one of those moments where it was like that Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball…(feel free to sing right here!)

This has happened a LOT since I first heard my true calling back in 2012. I haven’t really gone into the details of all of that before, and more of them ARE coming, but for now suffice it to say that there was a big calling back then. One that I couldn’t ignore.

I learned that it is part of my Soul’s purpose to help people get in touch with their own callings and USE them for a greater purpose. To be the guide and the teacher on this experience not only for myself but for others.

That’s pretty intense stuff, if you really let in what that means. And today, it was like all of the fear and uncertainty of the world showed up at my doorstep. And let me tell you, it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened.

It was one of those moments when I thought to myself….how much easier would it be if I just put all this down, went back to the “real” world, and tried to put back together some semblance of a normal life?

Better yet, why not just spend the day binge-watching Netflix instead of even thinking about all that?

Tempting, for sure.

It isn’t easy sometimes, folks……I am NOT gonna lie. Getting on this “spiritual path”, following the prompts that the Universe gives you with the promise of fulfillment, doing things that don’t seem to make sense in an effort to make it all work? Not going by what looks or sounds right but what your gut and your Soul TELL you is right?

Pretty flimsy evidence, it might seem. Not a lot of backup support from the world at large for it, either. You might feel like you’re REALLY alone in all this, and all for an effort to become more “enlightened”.

Tell me again what this is and WHY I signed up for it?? I was asking myself.

It’s not an easy question to answer. This path is not always perfectly paved with rainbows and unicorns.

But these are the moments when you get tested. When the Universe asks you, “are you sure?”

I’ve been there so many times. But here’s what I have come to understand:

-Your path is always going to be there. Even if you stray away from it for a while. Even if it is for a VERY long while. Trust me, if it’s your TRUE path, it’ll eventually find YOU.

-It’s TOTALLY normal to feel frustrated, stuck, or scared. It’s not anything to avoid so much as allow yourself to experience, and do so without judgement. And what it usually means is that you’re simply getting ready to take the next step and go to the next level.

-ALLOW yourself to feel how you feel about it without judging. Did I mention that already? Yep, it’s THAT important.

-Remember–you have a true purpose, but it doesn’t have to be so serious ALL the time! Yes, it’s important, that thing you’re here to do…..but it doesn’t have to be so weighty, serious, and completely contingent on one outcome. I mean, honestly–it’s a joyful purpose you have, in the end, even if it seems scary or weighty at the moment. Sometimes, the more you step back and ALLOW things to happen on your path, the more easily it all will flow your way.

-Also remember–give yourself a break! You’re embarking on something here that quite honestly, most people don’t have the courage or the drive to do. It’s NOT always easy. Sometimes it’s very scary and feels quite isolating. But you’re here. You’re doing it. You’re staying in the buggy.

-FINALLY….sometimes it really IS Ok to get your Netflix on! Your entire life has to be nose-to-the-grindstone just because you’ve decided that you’re “spiritual” now! Not at all. No matter how big your task, you DO deserve some “you” time. In fact, you need it not only for your own mental health but also (ironically) for the progress of your path. Why?

-Because sometimes, the more you hover, the more you stress about “what’s next” or “am I doing this right” or “why isn’t it going any faster” can actually start pushing away the thing you say you want. Yes, act, of course. Do what you must, take that aligned action and push your edge. But then….. let it GO and let the Universe do it’s part. (This is ESSENTIAL!)

That’s what I have found so far on this path, and these are the ways I have best been able to get around the lulls, the moments of fear, the doldrums. And especially those moments where everything seems completely impossible.

These moments won’t ever completely go away, I don’t think. Not while we’re in the human form. But when they show up, know that they’re there to let you know things are changing. They’re taking shape. And they’re ready to take you to the next level. If you’re ready to go.

What do you think? Ever been at that kind of crossroads and felt ready to give up? Tell me all about it–what you did, how it worked, and what you learned.

Who I Really Am…..And Why It is SO Important To Say This

So I’ve been thinking about it a lot. What I am doing this for. Why I am here writing this. What it has all come down to.

And what it has come down to is this: I’m here to be the best version of myself that I can. Teaching others to do the same thing, every day. 

That means ALL of me. And of course, that includes not only the “real” world but rest of it as well. What rest of it? The world of the Spirit. The Soul. The YOU that never dies.

You know that I’ve been spending a LOT of time with this blog, my business, and getting everything straight, once and for all. It hasn’t been an easy process. There have been numerous ups, downs, even MORE downs….and some downs that seemed like bottomless pits.

But the truth is THIS–that when it comes to it, the downs show up the most often when I THOUGHT about it all too much. What my supposed “message” was. Who the perfect client for me would be. HOW I was going to get anyone to pay for what I did. How, how, HOW…..

What happened next?

Nothing. Nothing, that is, until I got really honest with myself about what I wanted this to be about. And what it NEEDED to be about all along.

So here it is: I am a Spiritual Teacher, here to help you get that something “more” out of this life than you ever have before. It’s my mission to make sure that I teach as many people as possible to live their lives from the SOUL being first–and take it into the real world. Not the other way around. 

That is it. That right there. No other explanation needed.

Well, maybe there will be a little bit more. In fact, there will probably be a LOT more coming. After all, you might be thinking….”what does that even mean, Spiritual teacher?” Isn’t being “spiritual” something that is nice to have but not a burning necessity in life?

Folks, look at the state the world is in right now (and the state it has been in for a LONG time). Is everyone you know following their dreams and totally at peace?

Yeah, I thought so.

THIS is why entertaining other paths to happiness is so important. THIS is how looking elsewhere than just to the things you can see and touch make life so much more vibrant. 

It’s a part of you that has always been there….and maybe it’s something you’ve just begun to get to know.

THAT is what I am here to do. THIS is why I’ve started this new movement…..and I call it this:

Imperfectly Spiritual. 

Says it all. Showing up, every day, putting your SOUL self first, doing the best I can to navigate this earth-bound world while being the Spiritual entity that I am. First.

And do I ever do that perfectly? Of course not. Do I have my moments where I fall off the horse, decide it’s all nonsense, and try to think my way out of my own purpose? Of course.

I know what it’s like. I also know that having these moments doesn’t make you less than Spiritual. They just mean you’re human. And learning. And doing the best you can at any given moment.

THAT is what this movement is all about. That is what I am bringing to you.

I can’t say I know where this is going. But I do know I’ll keep bringing all that I have to it–AND to you.

What happens along the way just might be magical!

New Year’s Resolutions-Do They Set You Up for Failure?

Can you change your entire life JUST because of a page on a calendar? That’s what the old-school idea behind New Year’s Resolutions would have you think. So is it realistic to put all your eggs in one basket and totally buy that?

I doubt it.

That’s a BIG thing that people have told me they don’t like about the dreaded Resolutions: why does it being a certain date really make a difference?

In other words, if you really want to do something, what’s stopping you from doing it right NOW instead of waiting until an arbitrary day? (Or at the very least, taking a step in the right direction?)

If you’re counting on nothing but a calendar page to make you do something (old-school resolutions, that is!)…..well, I don’t have to tell you that it’s probably NOT gonna work. Sound like a recipe for big-time failure. Setting yourself up for the impossible. Why is that?

Because the motivation doesn’t come from YOU….it comes from outside. And from not a very reliable authority, either! (The calendar staring at you can only make you do SO much, believe me!)

Still….I do kind of get why it happens. Who wouldn’t want their New Year to start TRULY fresh? Would old-school Resolutions really mean ditching the the crap that’s been bugging you for YEARS? And FINALLY getting over the things holding you back and having an awesome life right NOW?

Sign me up!

But the thing is….change rarely comes that fast. You usually don’t go from zero to sixty in 5 seconds. I don’t know anyone who went from couch to full marathon in a week.

And unfortunately, just because you SAY something is going to happen doesn’t guarantee IMMEDIATE or LASTING change any more than a calendar page does.

BUT STILL….that does NOT mean that you shouldn’t have big vision. That does NOT mean that you shouldn’t go after your big dreams. And it DEFINITELY does NOT mean that you shouldn’t believe in being ALL that you want to be.

It just means that it might take some time to get there…..and that you can feel FREE to take the pressure off of yourself to be perfect right away!

Now, isn’t THAT good news?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to take the excitement, the inspiration, and the celebratory ceremony of a New Year and combine it with some good ol’ fashioned practical and pressure-free earthly reality?

THAT, my friends, is how BRILLIANT things start to happen. And keep happening.

How? By accepting yourself as you are RIGHT now. Opening up to all of the possibilities for you. And having a BIG and UNLIMITED vision for your life.

And THEN taking it one step at a time.

That is what the Non-Resolution REVOLUTION is all about. It’s what the Soul Reboot 2017 is here to help you do!

Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE!

Join me for the 7-Day Soul Reboot 2017 Challenge! Seven days and seven ways to get you inspired, relaxed, and revived for what could be the Greatest Year EVER.

No pressure. Forget the struggle. Drop the hype. Just YOU and your Grand Vision….bringing it into reality, one step at a time.

It all starts on December 26th, 2016–join me right HERE!


The Presumption that you NEED fixing (Another Non-Resolution Thing)

What’s another thing that bugs me about Resolutions and the way they stand right now?

Simple. The idea that there’s something wrong with you.

The idea that somehow, you need “fixing”. And New Year’s is the right time to create a “New You”. (In other words, the you that you are RIGHT NOW isn’t good enough.)

Here’s the good news….you DON’T need fixing. YOU–the you that you are at your Soul–is already just right. It already has everything that you need to become who you were meant to become.

So why fix that?

Why put all kinds of conditions, restrictions, and rules coming from your head to make your heart and Soul “better”?

I say big NO to that. 

Still, I get the sense of restlessness. The sense that something might be missing in our lives and the desire to make it better.

Maybe it’s not “better” that you really want. Perhaps it’s just getting back to basics. Getting rid of the ideas that the world has given you about who you are…..and seeing what remains.

How about THAT? How about finding what your SOUL is yearning for by unleashing it? Now, THERE’S a plan I can get behind.

What’s the difference here? This:

-No wasting your time worrying about things that you don’t really want just to be like everyone else

-Letting go of the idea that there’s something wrong with you and allowing yourself to shine through

-Trusting in the guidance you’re getting from the Universe….and knowing that it’s ALWAYS leading you in the right direction

And finally….


Do You Really Want What You Say You Want? (Another Non-Resolution Statement)

This week is all about RESOLUTIONS….totally useless or simply misused? That’s what we’re out to discover.

We all know (and we’ve been talking about) how so often they flop big time, and now let’s dig deeper into the WHY of it all.

I know it didn’t occur to me at first, but after hearing what others said in terms of their Resolution experiences, one thing became clear–most Resolutions get abandoned EARLY in the game.

Now, THAT part isn’t news. Hardly. Just check out a gym on January 2nd and then check it out again on January 31st. Need I say more?

What WAS news to me was that a seriously big reason behind that became clear–at least one reason that is often overlooked, in my opinion.

Suppose that the thing you resolved to do you’re actually just not that into? 

I mean, when you WANT it enough, why would you ever give up? Why would you ever walk away from it indefinitely?

Sure, there’s always moments where you get tired, discouraged, have setbacks, or feel like quitting, but tell the truth: do you ever REALLY give up for good if it’s what you really want?

Probably not.

That’s just it. I believe that too many of us put pressure on ourselves to want things that the world TELLS us we should want. Things that you HAVE to have in order to be happy–the perfect relationship, this much money to buy this and that, the dream job, the perfect kids, the ideal body….on and on it goes.

Seems like there’s a very limited vision of what constitutes a “perfect” life.

Now, don’t get me wrong–ALL of the about are beautiful and lovely things. If you want any or all of them, I applaud you.

But then again, if you said you wanted any or all of the above things and you either don’t have them yet OR are not actively pursuing them…….are you sure that you’re really all that into the idea? REALLY?

Trust me, it’s totally OK if you’re NOT! Just be honest.

That leads to the next wrinkle in the operation: complaining about what you don’t have when you don’t really want it anyway.

Simply put, don’t. Save yourself and those around you a LOT of wasted energy and grief. That is all.

But here’s the thing: you KNOW that you’re not quite fulfilled, and the regularly prescribed fixes for your life don’t excite you. This much you’ve already got.

You know you want SOMETHING….but what?

This is where planning from the SOUL comes in. Where getting to know YOURSELF at the deepest and highest place is vital. Trust Me, goals from anywhere but the Soul are going to be an uphill battle at best (and one that you’ll likely abandon because eventually you just won’t care if you make it or not….)

This is where the REVOLUTION of the Non-Resolution Revolution comes in. It’s not about seeing what you don’t have. It’s seeing what you DO have….by getting rid of all the clutter, the crap, and the noise. And experiencing the YOU that you REALLY are. Not who your mind THINKS you are or what it THINKS you want.

We’re talking the the REAL stuff here! The stuff of peace. The stuff of inspiration. Serious staying power and BIG Universal rewards.

It’s time for the Soul Reboot Challenge 2017! Join me December 26th-January 2nd to get clear, get jazzed, and get to the Soul of ALL that you want. For real.

When you start HERE….anything is possible. Seven days, seven anti-Resolution steps.

BIG time rewards starting right NOW.



GOALS….and Why They’re So Uninspiring (And My Alternative…)

Goals. Blech. There, I’ll just say it.

Something about the word just irritates me. I bet that sounds kind of strange coming from someone like me, right?

Of course, it’s not that I don’t have them! There are a LOT of things I want to do. There are a lot of things I AM doing, that I want, that I see clearly in both my present and my future. A lot of things I am taking big ACTION on, too.

I guess it’s not so much GOALS that I don’t like. It’s the feeling that a GOAL is an end in itself. And that there’s nothing more after that. A completed feat that doesn’t expand, change, or grow.  That’s never been all that inspiring to me. It’s that moment where I picture a drill sergeant hollering at me, as if he knows better than me what I need.

That’s what bothers me so much about New Year’s Resolutions. The words are just so cold and rigid. SO wrapped up in results in the physical world and not much else.

I am all about being motivated and following a plan. But I don’t like threats. There is something stronger than a GOAL.

I prefer VISION. 

Vision that allows you to ask BIGGER questions. Open up to possibilities from the Source that your mind NEVER could’ve come up with on its own. And take you to places that you never could’ve imagined.

SO much more than a here-to-there, alpha-to-omega goal could provide unto itself, right?

Another thing that comes up with goals for the sake of goals–the driving force behind them. I’ve often found that a rigid goal is so often in response to something that you want to CHANGE–that is, something to avoid.

Well, fair enough there……but in order to keep going, there has to be a flip side, too. Instead of just what you’re running FROM, how about including where you’re running TO? You know, expand it all to favor what you WANT rather than JUST dwelling want you don’t want?

I bet you can see now how it could be that the thing your Soul yearns for the most is SO much more than a simple Goal, right?

Maybe that’s it right there. Goals feel like pressure and hype. And with an end result that can wind up feeling nice enough, but more like settling in a small little cul-de-sac than the cruising down the Superhighway to even BIGGER Dreams.

But VISION? The kind that you actually commit to making happen because it’s so damn exciting? The stuff that truly comes from your Soul being?

Right on to THAT!

Taking your VISION and acting on your DREAMS? That’s more like it.

That is what the Non-Resolution REVOLUTION is ALL about!

SOUL Reboot Challenge 2017!!

It’s a 7-Day Experience with me that is absolutely FREE–and you’re gonna love it! We’re talking getting you ready for the BIG stuff….without the pressure, the hype, the stress, the cliche…..

And it’s happening December 26th-January 2nd!

All about YOU. Making things happen YOUR way. And still having a lot of Holiday fun, too!

See you there!!



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