DAY 1: Why It Hasn’t Worked Before….and Why THIS Time Is Different

WELCOME to Day 1! So grab yourself a nice hot beverage (OR a beverage of your choice appropriate for the hour of the day where you are!)  and a notebook and let’s get started!

So we ALL know what goes wrong with Resolutions. They don’t work. Why? Because there’s too much pressure. Because you feel set up for failure. Because they’re never realistic. Seriously–is everything gonna change JUST because of a calendar page?

Probably not.

You might find yourself feeling a little bit like Harry every January 31st, in fact……..after it becomes clear that the New Year’s Resolutions have already unraveled faster than you could say “Quidditch”…..

But here’s the thing…..I have known for a LONG time that it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s the thing:

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions–or going for what you REALLY want no matter what time of year…..

It’s not about being PERFECT. It’s not about OVERNIGHT change. 

But what it IS about is possibilities. And the chance to believe in something better. Then allow it to happen. And make it your NEW normal.

It’s about knowing that you are worthy of what you desire. It’s about becoming the person that you are. It’s about KNOWING what you really want and being completely honest about that. Taking action toward it consistently, no matter now small of a step at a time. And most of all–ALLOWING it to come to you. 

And doing it WITHOUT pressure. Motivation and inspiration, yes….pressure and anxiety, NO. 

When PRESSURE and ANXIETY kick in, there’s usually a reason for it, and it’s mainly FEAR and DOUBT. Fear and doubt that what you desire might not happen, no matter how much you wish for it.

Let’s replace that pressure and anxiety with EXCITEMENT and TRUST. 

Now, seriously–I DO know that it takes a LOT more than just my saying so to make THAT happen. I don’t expect you to do a complete about-face just because I said so!

It DOES take time for real change to come about (we’ll talk about why more in depth later this week, in fact!). I’m not insisting on overnight radical “zero-to-sixty” like change. Not at all.

But….. change STARTS with a DECISION.

A DECISION to recognize yourself as the beautiful Soul who you truly are. A DECISION to honor your dreams and be EXCITED about their arrival rather be fearful that they’ll never come (or angry that they haven’t come yet).

Most of all….a DECISION to relax, let go, and BELIEVE in something better.  Without ego-driven emotional attachment that so often lets you down. It’s about a decision to ALLOW yourself to get curious about what COULD be….and take BIG action to see where it could go!

So on THAT note, here’s today’s prompt:

Two Questions:
–What hasn’t worked for you in the past regarding Resolutions?
What have been your biggest sources of stress and anxiety when it comes to planning for big dreams, New Year’s or not? Get as specific as you can.


For each one of these reasons, let’s turn it around. Let’s imagine the BEST possible outcome instead. List the reasons WHY each of these New Year’s hangups DON’T have to happen anymore. Why these old ideas about plans and dreams do NOT need to have power over you anymore because you’re seeing them in a NEW light.

AND……let’s talk about what you want to replace them with instead. How can you reframe old thinking into new inspiration? (THIS is the fun part!)

Now, HERE’S the thing:

–I’m NOT saying to feel like you’re forcing yourself to believe something that you don’t believe yet. Not as in “just like that I don’t believe the bad stuff I’ve believed for the last 20 years anymore”. When you really just WISH that was true.

Believe me, THAT just creates MORE pressure. And more disappointment. Been there, done that WAY too many times.

Do it like THIS:

Imagine the BEST possible outcome. No stress or pressure. Seriously. Simply ALLOW yourself to have fun and get giddy about the idea of EACH and every one of these hang-ups NOT being a problem anymore. Go wild!! (Even if you have NO damn idea of HOW it’s gonna happen just yet. That’s OK–the HOW isn’t important right now!)

Don’t talk yourself out of it. Don’t say “yes, but….” and create a list of “why nots” when you find yourself getting too happy. Allow yourself to imagine the BEST and go with it! The BEST way that dreams really COULD work out this time. WITHOUT regard to the HOW. Just the WHAT.

Take a moment, rest and relax, and take a BIG deep breath and fully BE in this moment (this part is NOT optional, y’all.) That’s right, just BE in this moment without ANY thought of time. Let everything you felt and envisioned sink in.

AND….if you’re so inclined, here’s a BONUS question for ya:

Relax and ask yourself this: what can I do TODAY to start making my trust in the GOOD stuff actually happen? What small step toward the good future you envision would be all kinds of fun to make TODAY?

Maybe it’s start or continue with a meditation/prayer practice. Maybe it’s start or re-start a daily journal. Or a daily walk to clear your head. Or maybe it’s none of these and it’s something that just hits you out of the blue!

ANYTHING is right—as long as it resonates. See, this is the part where you put out the INTENTION…..and then RECEIVE the answer. (And note–the answer might not make sense, it might seem random our “out there”….but never mind. If it feels right, GO with it!) 

That’s it for today!!

NOW–let’s talk about it!! I’ll be going LIVE at 3PM PT/6PM ET on the Facebook Event Page. If you can’t be there live, no worries! It’ll be in your inbox by 4PM PT/7PM ET. (Or closely thereafter!)

BTW, feel free to share YOUR big re-frame of New Year’s Resolutions problems over on the Facebook Event Page! 

Love y’all BIG time and, we’ll talk tomorrow!

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Jennifer R.

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