Day 2–What Has To Go To Let the REAL You Shine Through?

Here we are at Day 2! If you missed Day 1, you can check that out right HERE. 

And now…ON with today’s topic!

This is one of my favorite parts of this challenge. Why? Because it takes you DEEP into yourself. It’ll give you a good idea of where you are now in terms of how you see and think about yourself.

Most of all, we’ll look at how your inner dialog might be lifting you up……or letting you down.

I have a theory that you are ALREADY enough to be EXACTLY what you need to be…..but it’s a matter of taking away what you don’t need and letting the GOOD stuff shine through.

In other words, letting go of what is NOT helping you anymore so that you can make space for what CAN and WILL work for you.

Sometimes it’s too much being on this planet–all of the things you learn that aren’t useful, ideas that we adopt so that we “fit in”, things we’ve always believed about ourselves because we were told to…..and eventually turned them into our own personal truths.

They all take their toll on the Soul.

Well, no more of that! When a computer’s hard drive gets too full of junk, it’s time to clean it up, right? 😉

So grab your notebook, because here is today’s task!

What are some of the things that you’ve always believed about yourself without question? Go wild and jot them all down.

What kinds of things, you ask? Anything, really! But how’s this to start: things like “I’m just not good at math”, “I’m a slow runner”, “I just can’t make myself go to the gym”, “but we ALWAYS do that for Christmas”, “I’ve never been very pretty or smart” and on and on it goes. Whatever comes up for you, write it down. Give yourself about 5-10 minutes and write away!


Have a look at that list. What kinds of things have you come to believe about yourself? How do they feel?

Then ask yourself this question about each one: IS THIS STILL TRUE……or is it OLD information?

You might be surprised at what you find!

This is a call to examine the items on your list that you’re called to examine and ask yourself–do I believe this about myself anymore? Would I like to try a NEW way of looking at it?

Honestly–there is NO reason that you have to keep believing anything that might be keeping you from growing and expanding. Just because it was true when you were 5, 10, 16, or 36 doesn’t mean that it’s true now. 

I’m inviting you to get curious about it! Don’t judge yourself for any of it. Just look at it. Honestly and curiously.

Here’s an example: I was never a good runner. At least that’s what I told myself. I was the chubby kid in middle school, the one who was always told that she wasn’t good at sports, repeatedly called “fat”…you get the idea.

I never DREAMED I’d ever become a full marathoner. (Hell, I didn’t think I’d ever even run a 5K!)

Until the day I decided I wanted to see that differently, that is! So I entered my first 5K as part of a charity event in college. I realized how much I really LOVED running, an activity that I had been repeatedly told that I sucked at (and hence always believed that I did)!  After that came my first half marathon. And then up to the ULTIMATE, the full 26.2 mile race.

And wouldn’t you know it—now I’m the proud veteran of SEVEN (count ’em!) FULL 26.2 mile Marathons.

You NEVER could’ve convinced me that I’d ever do that 15 years ago. Probably not even 10 years ago.

But it all started with a DECISION–to question a long-held belief I had about myself. A DECISION that I wanted to explore that idea further and see if it was still true or not. 

Turned out that the old “I suck at sports” idea was absolutely FALSE. And I got rid of it.


How about you? What are some of the things that you always believed about yourself?

Maybe it might be things like…

–I’m stuck at this job because I’ve always done it
–I’m stuck with this business because I told everyone this is what I do
–I’ve never been good with relationships
–I don’t get along with my mother, father, brother, sister-in-law, boss, or whomever
–I’m not a runner
–I’ve never been that pretty/smart/talented/or whatever

You get the idea. I’m willing to be that there is a LOT of ideas that might be hanging around that could use another look–and quite possibly the good ol’ fashioned BOOT.

This is a call to let go of what is NO LONGER TRUE. And open up to what might be a WHOLE NEW POSSIBILITY for you. 

I’m not saying you have to go from the couch to the full marathon, of course! But what I AM saying is this: you are NOT necessarily what you THINK you are. What you’ve always BELIEVED that you are. I have a feeling you’re a LOT more amazing than you know. 

It’s time to start ACCEPTING that idea. Being open to expansion instead of closed off to it. And it’s especially important to refresh and reboot when you’re getting ready to welcome a WHOLE new year, isn’t it?

You with me?


So that’s the challenge for today! And I’ll be going LIVE at 3PM PT/6 PM ET on the Facebook Event Page for a LOT more in-depth stuff about this–you won’t want to miss it!

See you then, and look out for today’s wrap-up later today!

And of course, If you’re called to do so, feel free to share your experience here on the Event Page, too!

Talk soon,

Jennifer R.

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