Day 3–So What Do You REALLY Want?

I know you’re singing along with the Spice Girls right now. So am I. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜„

But seriously, folks…..this is a BIG question. A lot bigger than it might seem at first. I mean, how hard can it be to know what it is that you want, right? Simple, right? Riiiiight?

Well….not necessarily.

See, here’s the thing: most of the time I believe that people really DO know what they want. The problems that come in are not so much not KNOWING what you want as….

  • Not quite being able to articulate what you want
  • Not being completely honest about what you want
  • Thinking that you know what would make you happy…..but having it fall flat when you realize you don’t want it THAT much
  • Thinking that you should want certain things because that’s what all the “cool kids” seem to be wanting

All of which has to do with one thing—the interference of the MIND over the whispers of the SOUL.

And when THAT happens, the energy starts getting scattered. Going all kinds of directions in a half-ass kind of way, not really supporting anything but trying to to everything.

And what winds up happening? Not much. I don’t want that for you anymore. I want you to put ALL that you’ve got behind EXACTLY what you want. And to not waste time and energy on things that you don’t.

Folks, it all comes down to a feeling. And if you let it, that feeling will tell you not only what you truly want but also WHY you want it and WHAT it means to your overall purpose.

Where the mind butts in is right here:

  • When your mind tries to talk you out of things that seem “impossible”
  • When you find yourself embarrassed to admit to what you want (What would my friends and family say? What would my coach or mentor say? What would I think of myself?)
  • When your mind becomes too afraid of change that it can’t allow your Soul to speak…so it’s words get lost behind fear

Now, let’s clarify right here when I ask you what you really want. I’m not talking about indulgences that do more for the ego than they do for the Soul.

I’m talking about true FEELINGS that you want to have. I’m talking about the things that would make your SOUL sing.

Now, that might even BE material items in your case, for all I know! That’s OK. I’m not here to judge your WHAT. I just want you to be honest about what it is.

The point of it is THIS–being CRAZY honest about what you want in life. The stuff that makes your heart and Soul erupt in absolute gratitude for LIFE. No apologies. No explanation necessary.

Let THAT settle for a moment. Go ahead, I’ll wait.ย 

NOW….when you’re ready, let’s grab your notebook!

Here’s today’s Prompt:

What do you secretly want that isn’t quite in your world just yet? The things that you dream about but might not have told ANYBODY about but God and the Universe?

Not so easy to answer, is it?

Does something hold you back? Feeling the fear of the teacher looking at your homework and telling you that your answer is “wrong”? That what you want is impossible, so don’t even set yourself up for that kind of disappointment? Or is it just downright embarrassing that you don’t want anyone to know? (Like you’ve never sung a note in your life but secretly fantasize about joining the cast of Mama Mia! ?)

Don’t worry about that–I get that!

But let’s give you a chance to unleash BIG dreams, whatever they may be. Go ALL out.

So once again….what is it that you want? When you think of the end of 2017, where do you see yourself? What are you doing? Who are you with? How do you feel?

Let’s take down the barriers and let anything and everything that comes up to flow forward. No holds barred. Go for it.

Give it about 5-10 minutes on a timer and fire away. Write it ALL down.

If you honestly have NO idea what to write, try this first–how do you REALLY want to feel? Relaxed, excited, inspired? Stress-free? Powerful?

Start there. And then ask yourself what might help GET you to those feelings. I don’t care what it is as long as it comes from the heart and Soul!ย 

I don’t care if you….

  • Want to audition for The Voice or be the next “Bachelorette”
  • Want to run for public office in your town/state/country and change the world (or something close to that!)
  • Want to make YouTube cat videosย that go viral
  • Want to write a bestselling Vegan cookbook even though you live for Outback
  • Literally want to run off and join the circus!

Or ANYTHING else that comes up! Remember–this is YOUR dream, not mine. Not your mentor’s. Not your sister’s or your personal trainer’s or the mailman’s. YOURS.

And sometimes it helps to go even a little overboard in dreaming big. Why? Because when you open the floodgates of awesome…the POSSIBILITIES of what can materialize here on earth get a LOT greater. The whole thing becomes a LOT more inspirational.

AND motivational.

SO….if it comes from the SOUL….if it brings you Truth, Joy, Love, and Excitement…..then write it down.ย 

Now, this is where it can get tricky. You might feel fearful, guilty, or even irresponsible thinking this big. Trust me, I understand. As in “who am I to want any of this stuff? What would people say? What about my family? My friends? The people who count on me?”

It helps to remember, though, that WHERE your truest desires come from is MOST noteworthy here. Remember, we’re talking about Truth, Joy, Excitement, Love. The things that come from SOURCE. From God and the Universe. The part of you that is an extension of the Divine Light here on earth.

The things that for YOU can’t help but be right.

You might add this to the end of your request: “For the highest good of ALL involved”.

This adds LOT of expansive and inclusive love, too–IF you add this addendum from a place of LOVE (and I know you will!)

Now….give it a go and see what happens when you give yourself FULL permission to let your Soul speak.ย 

NOW….how does THAT feel?

Ready for a BONUS question? Here goes:

What small step can you take TODAY to start moving to the favorite dream on that list? Anything come up? What sounds fun and exciting that relates to something on your list?

Start focusing your energy on THAT right now. Send ALL of that energy toward the things that you really want, then ask what steps you can take TODAY that’ll get you on your way. And then see what comes up!

I’m looking SO forward to going into this more on the LIVE call today at 3PM PT/6PM ET on the Facebook Event Page!ย 

If you want to share what you came up with and how this exercise went for you, feel free to do so over on the Event Page, too!

Talk to you then!


Jennifer R.

P.S. Video right HERE!

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