It’s Day 4! 

Before we go on, here’s a few quick housekeeping items: If you missed out on any of the previous days, here’s the wrap-up for each:

Day 1 is right HERE
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NOW…let’s get into the new stuff!

So how is everything going so far? I hope that you’re starting to see how my plan is intended to work…..

It’s about more than doing big things. It’s all about how you’re BEING in every moment. It’s about getting rid of what isn’t serving you and keeping what is. And determining what YOUR definition of success is, getting excited about it, getting behind it, and GOING for it.

THAT is what Rebooting Your Soul is ALL about. 

And that brings me to today’s exercise. It’s something that has become a BIG part of my day…..and only within the last few weeks!

Yesterday the topic of the day was being truly honest about what you want. Not always easy, of course….but SO necessary. After all, you need to know what it is you’re after before you can go for it, right? (At the very least, you have to have SOME idea!)

And we also talked about how it’s probably true that most of us know what we want a LOT more than we’re willing to admit….

So that begs the question: if we all know what it is that we want, if this whole “visualizing” thing is supposed to work (Law of Attraction, the Secret, etc….), then why doesn’t EVERYONE have what they want the moment they decide they want it?


Now, I’m a BIG proponent of Universal Law. I know that “that stuff” is the real deal. It has worked for me and countless others. But up until now I’ve been curious about exactly what keeps the BIG dreams away.

There IS the matter that here on earth the pace of manifestation can be maddeningly S-L-O-W sometimes. But I knew that this alone wasn’t the answer. I mean, seriously, if it’s that big of a deal to you and you want it THAT much, the slowness of it all shouldn’t matter that much. Because you’d have the TRUST that your desires were on their way to you anyway, right?

No, there had to be more to it than that.

Then that whole TRUST thing started coming up again. You’re supposed to trust that everything is coming your way. And that has ALWAYS been the hardest part for me. (And I KNOW that I’m far from alone in that!)

WHY? Here’s the thing…..

Not too long ago, I couldn’t figure out what I’d been doing “wrong” for so long. I didn’t know why everything I’d planned hadn’t quite made it to me yet. Maybe I was doing this whole “big dream” thing wrong.

Seriously, if I wanted it so much, if I had been visualizing it AND doing the work to get it, where the hell WAS it?

Then the Universe spoke. What did It say? 

It said to ask myself THESE two questions:

–Do you believe that this is even possible? 


–Are you truly READY for it?

Well! Pretty big questions. And my own answers surprised me. Sometimes you THINK you believe. You are totally SURE that you trust in it. And that of COURSE you’re ready for it–you were ready for it YESTERDAY, right?

OK…..are you SURE about that?

Just a question! I tell you, MY answer was honest….and not what I expected it to be. And it told me a LOT.

There were parts of me that weren’t sure I really believed that what I wanted was possible.

There were parts of me that were quite terrified to actually have what I said I wanted.

And up until then, I thought that I had all that stuff covered. Of course, all the blocks were gone! Of course I was visualizing and acting perfectly!

Well….not exactly.

But there was also GOOD news: I was ALSO guided to take action and take care of it. How to TRULY ask myself if the doubt and the fear were gone. And what to do if they were still there.

Now, this DIDN’T mean that all the doubt and fear disappeared just like that.

What it DID mean was that I was able to SEE both things clearly. Bring awareness to the lingering feelings. Be honest about them. And from there……render them useless. By ACKNOWLEDGING them. NOT judging or resisting them.

And from there, LETTING them GO–for real this time.

From there this exercise has become a part of my daily practices–and things haven’t been the same since! (In a GOOD way, of course!)

My TRUST in the Universe has become a LOT easier. I’ve shifted my energy toward EXACTLY wish to have happen. And from there I’ve learned to take action for MY part of the equation….and LET GO so that the Universe can do It’s part.

I bet that you can see how this goes along with knowing what it that you really want to have happen, right? 

These questions truly changed my world, and that is why I’m sharing this exercise with you today. Because in order to make things come to you, you not only have to take action and be the best you that you can be, but you also have to believe that it is even possible. You have to be ready to accept and receive it when it DOES show up.

So….grab your notebook for today’s prompt:

In regard to what it is that you truly want, ask yourself this:

–Do you truly believe that this is possible?


–Are you ready for it?

Whatever it is that comes to you, be honest about it. It’s important information to have. Only when you acknowledge something can you actually DO something about it!

Now, here’s another thing–it’s NOT about being perfect all of a sudden and becoming a totally trusting manifesting machine overnight!

It’s simply about exposing the places where doubt and fear still live. Being aware that they might still be there.

And then–and here’s the biggest part–tweaking things until the dream and the belief agree a little bit more!

That is, tweaking things by getting to the point where the feeling of TRUST starts to flow in. Getting to the FEELING where your dream becomes so exciting that anything standing in the way starts to feel obsolete. And doing this ONE step at a time through AWARENESS that gives way to releasing the blocks.

And from there, building the TRUST that things really are gonna go your way. So you can finally relax. And let it ALL go.

And funnily enough, at THAT point is frequently when moments of action happen!

ONCE again…here’s a BONUS Question for you: Once you’ve gotten through questions 1 and 2, ask this: let the Universe know that you’re ready to receive the action steps. What is the very next thing you need to DO to keep the ball rolling? Open yourself up to the answer. Don’t demand it…..but DO ask for it. And ALLOW it to arrive.

And see what happens.

SO how did this go for you? Easy? Harder than you thought it would be? Surprising? Maybe ALL of these things?

Tell me all about it!

And remember—the LIVE video today I’ll talk about this in greater detail and will be around to answer your questions! I’ll be there on the Facebook Event Page at 3PM PT/6PM ET. 

See you then!!

Can’t wait to hear how this works for you!


Jennifer R.

Video of the day right HERE….