Day 5–So….Do You Ever Get Frustrated With GOALS?

Day 5, y’all!!! WHOO–HOO!!

How’s it going for you?

We’ve been looking at a LOT of new ways to see dreaming, planning, yourself, your biggest dreams….

And NOW I invite you to take a fresh new look at something that is quite obviously associated with New Year’s Resolutions…


You know, I’m all about getting big things done. Having milestones, markers, celebrations, all of it. Nothing like having something to show for what you’ve been dreaming about and working on, right?

Well….it might be interesting to note that I’m really not a big fan of the word GOALS. 

Now, don’t get me wrong—I LOVE getting big stuff done!! Really! And I KNOW you do too.

But like SO many other things, sometimes the words that are so commonly used can have meanings attached to them that might go a little bit awry if you let them.

When I think of goals, here’s what comes up for me–something finite, a be-all, an alpha-to-omega path….get there, do that…and then that is THAT.

Fine, of course….but let me ask you this: does your everyday goal allow for expansion? Allow you to take the next step to something even GREATER? Or encompass amazing and exciting opportunities and adventures you might not even have thought of yet?

MAYBE…..but maybe not. 

That’s just it–you want results. You want big things to happen, of course. But sometimes a list of specific goals can be limiting. Sometimes simple goals don’t allow you to receive and accept even MORE potential amazingness.

You want to know what it is that you want, of course. You gotta have SOME way of showing your progress. Generating excitement so you can keep going. I get that.

But here’s the thing….the PLACE from which your action plans are made makes ALL the difference.

See, step-by-step plans tend to be products of the MIND–very logical, precise, and finite. Fair enough.

On the other hand… about generating your dreams from someplace else FIRST? That would be…..from your SOUL being?

What if instead of starting with the “how”–that is, the GOAL–starting with the “what”–that is, the VISION?

Now, that’s worth looking into!

What if you allowed yourself to create a VISION for what you wanted this year that led to creating more of an open-ended picture?

Starting with VISION gets your Soul being into the game. It’s much more far-reaching this way–it leaves space not only for the things that you know you want AND it also leaves space for possibilities that could be coming your way. The possibilities that your mind couldn’t have conceived of on its own.

Pretty cool, huh?

Best of all–when you allow yourself to get REALLY into the Vision of a thing and put your heart and Soul into it, it’s funny what happens to the motivation–it becomes a lot more intrinsic.

The motivation turns to inspiration—and the desire to make it all happen flows a LOT more naturally than attempting to stick to a rigid set of steps on your average “to do” list.

And then a funny thing happens. When you lead with Vision, the GOALS and steps to get there tend to start presenting themselves. And in a natural and exciting way.

Makes it a LOT easier to stick to a plan and get things done, right??

OK, all well and good, you might say…..but what is the exercise today? How do you lead with Vision and actually USE it to start getting to the real-life earth-time manifestations of it all?

I’m glad you asked!

Here’s the prompt for today:

Building on what we’ve done this week–let’s say that you’re figuring out what you want. You’re getting excited about it. You know that even if it’s not 100% just yet, you’re both ready for it AND you believe in it.

You’re allowing the energy to move forward. NOW to get it out into the world.

The Next Steps:

Set a timer if you wish, anywhere from 1-5 minutes. Relax and allow the energy to flow from above, down into your crown chakra (at the top of the head). From there let it flow into your heart center and hence throughout your body.

Relax and keep this channel open. From here, put the question out to the Universe: based on my true Vision, what steps do I need to take TODAY to start moving toward what I am creating?

Relax and ALLOW the answer. Take the time to TRULY listen.

No matter what the steps are that you receive back…..entertain them. You might be guided to reach out to an old friend to say hello. Or to pick up and read a certain book. Maybe to share a message that you just received from Spirit on Social Media. Or ANYTHING else for that matter!

Maybe there won’t be a specific prompt right away. This is OK, too. It just means that it’s time to stay open to answers, know that you’ll have them soon, and go on about your day.

It also helps me a lot to visualize this kind of connection with the Source as light—I like golden light, personally–and let it swirl around my heart center. And from here, I like to take action physically—by actually envisioning the light from my heart center pulling me forward and into big action!

(This is especially useful when there’s something you need to do that requires big action…but it seems a LITTLE bit too scary!)

So what came up for you with this one? I can’t wait to hear!

OK….so tomorrow is New Year’s Eve….and it’s time to get some serious celebration as well as anticipation going on–I’ll talk to you then for Day 6!


Jennifer R.


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