YAAAYYY! Welcome to Day 6!

So it’s New Year’s Eve. I know how cliche it sounds, but it’s the perfect time for reflection…..isn’t it?

Actually, it’s time to spend the day and the evening doing JUST what you please. And what feels right to you. THAT is what I propose today.

But of course, I DO want to give you an opportunity for some traditional reflection, vision, and letting go today….IF you feel that it’s what you need right now!

So let’s keep it VERY simple.

Here’s today’s prompt:

–What are the top three things that you are MOST proud of from your 2016?

Maybe you started a fitness program. Got a new job, started a business, or took up a new hobby.

Maybe it’s something less quantifiable yet JUST as important. Maybe you overcame a big fear. Healed an old wound, overcame a long time fear, or improved an important relationship in your life.

Maybe you finally TRULY got to know YOU this year. And realized what an amazing person you really are.

All of it is good. All of it counts. And if you come up with more than 3 things, then keep it going! This is all about YOU. You deserve credit for it ALL!

–What are the top three things you’re looking forward to letting go this year?

How about referring to the self-talk exercise we did earlier this week? Perhaps it’s time to let go of old ideas that haven’t been serving you? Or start taking a business or career change seriously. Maybe it’s even time to simply let go of the need to know exactly what is going to happen next…..and decide to trust the process.

Anything like that applies!

(And remember–I’m not saying that anything you decide to bring awareness to needs to disappear overnight! We’re not looking for perfection here. Just progress. And one moment at a time.)

AND  FINALLY……take some time for YOU! And do it YOUR way. 

Keeping that BIG vision in mind…..I wish you some time to take it all in. Relax. Celebrate. BIG things here for you.

But tonight….I would invite you to do what YOU wanna do. 

If you want to dance the night away with adult beverages, do it (use good judgement and don’t drive!) 😉 . If you couldn’t care less and feel like curling up with a good book and a cup of tea at 9:00 PM, that’s JUST what you need to be doing. If you have a huge hit of inspiration and motivation and would rather spend the evening writing, creating, and working, DO it!!!

The key here is to be as true to yourself as you can be. No matter what anyone else thinks. No matter what tradition would dictate. It’s about learning to trust in what feels right to you in EVERY moment. And doing it. No matter what someone else says about what day it is. 

AND on today’s video….I’ll talk about an old ritual I used to do on New Year’s Eve when I was a teenager, WHY I’m bringing it back this year! (And you’re welcome to join me in it!)

Join me live at 3PM PT/6PM ET for a quick check in tonight and I’ll tell you ALL about it! It’s on the EVENT page. 

Until then, see y’all on the other side! Adios, 2016!


Jennifer R.

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