So what about that moment when you KNOW that something has to change? Suppose you’re in a situation where you know things just can’t go on as they have been.

What do you do to move things along, how do you take all this big action that you KNOW you’re supposed to take….when you seriously don’t know what to do next?

More than likely, there have been signs, opportunities, things crossing your path that have been begging for your attention. They might not be obvious, but I can imagine that to a certain degree, they’re there.

It’s a big-time cliche question, but I’m gonna ask it anyway: What’s holding you back from taking big action on the opportunities that show up in your life? 

Well…would it be completely crazy to say that it’s FEAR? No. Of course not. SO many things come from fear. Fear is EASILY one of the biggest game-stoppers there is (if not THE biggest). Somehow, I don’t think I’m telling you anything you don’t know there.

But then again, there is another reason why things might not SEEM to be happening for you at the moment–Divine Timing.

There’s also a reason why some things that cross your path look like perfect opportunities to advance your game….but somehow they don’t feel “right”. This is INTUITION.

If I’ve learned anything over the past week, it’s that there IS a huge difference between waiting to take action out of fear vs. passing on a seemingly sweet option because something in the situation is just..not..right.

Divine Timing and Intuition vs. Fear–what IS the difference, anyway? Seriously, how do you know that you’re hesitating because things are a little bit off or an opportunity simply isn’t right….or if you’re just plain scared?

As with most things, there is a FEELING to it all. Sometimes that feeling is subtle. And hard to pin down. But it is there.

There’s the moment when something has presented itself….and you KNOW that it’s time to go for it. But then… comes the fear factor.

But when it’s this kind of fear, it almost has a tingly feeling to it. Like magic that comes from above, goes down into your head and gives you that buzzed feeling for a moment, only to land in your stomach with a big “OMG, this is real” kind of THUD.

THIS is the moment where the message is that it is TIME to act. This is the “good scary”.

See, you have a right to taking big action when necessary–in fact, a RESPONSIBILITY to do just that.

But then again…..there is the other case.

Sometimes things come up, and for whatever reason, you might get the feeling that something isn’t quite right. That this idea sounds REALLY good in theory….but for whatever reason, something in your heart and your gut is saying “no”.

It’s the moment where that thing you think “should” do in order to make things happen doesn’t quite do it for you. Maybe it feels contrived. Maybe it feels desperate. Maybe it feels out of alignment. Maybe it feels just plain wrong.

THIS, friends, is Intuition kicking in. It’s different than fear of success. It’s knowing that something in front of you is not quite what you need…and that something better is on its way.

What does this feel like? It’s different than the blast from the divine that I described earlier. It’s the feeling of a halt in the gut, that moment where your immediate response is a simple and flat-out “no”.

Sure, you can decide to go after something in this situation, if you’re wanting to get credit for “taking action”. Fair enough.

BUT….if you’re looking to go with the DIVINE creative process and co-create with the Universe for the best and most aligned results, going against your Intuition just for the sake of “doing something” might not be the most productive way.

Am I saying to just sit around until the perfect “next big thing” falls into your lap? Of course not.

What I AM saying is this: make sure you’re clear about what you want, especially how you want your feelings to be. Trust that you’ll be guided in the right direction–even if what comes up doesn’t seem to make total sense.

This “aligned action” thing? It’s all about being true to yourself about what YOU want, then taking opportunities and actions as they arise. Pushing past the fear when you KNOW it’s right. 

(And they WILL arise, too–and in ways that you might not expect, so don’t discount anything when you “get that feeling”!)

Now…here’s a BIG time-waster to avoid no matter what:

Know when you’re over-rationalizing why NOT to do something.

This might happen whether you’re trying to justify not doing something because it’s the wrong thing….OR not doing something because you’re simply afraid.

Folks, it’s either an enthusiastic “hell, yes!” (even though you might be terrified) OR a confident “hell, no.” Period. Make a choice, stick with it. Don’t try to rationalize it. 

Sure, it’s OK to talk about the REAL reasons why or why not–the ones that come from your heart and your intuition. (In fact, this can be pretty useful!)

But don’t invite your mind to the party, here. Don’t blame whatever it is it on lack of money. Or the kids. Or not having time. Or the weather. Just don’t.

It can be a complex and nuanced choice sometimes. Then again, sometimes the choice is obvious. But if I had to boil it down to a few bullet-points, this is what they would be:

  • When the prospect of doing something makes you feel FREE, alive, excited, and totally freaked out, THAT is more likely to be divine inspiration lining up.
  • Sometimes these things lift you up like a rocket, THEN make you crash and feel like you might vomit of stage fright.  Now, THAT is worth looking into! It might be right to get that 20 seconds of insane courage that might change your life.
  • If it gives you more of a feeling of tiredness and obligation….if it feels just “icky” in your gut even though it makes logical sense…then it might more likely be a “pass”.

So tell me, has this ever happened to you? Did you have a moment of fear that you pushed through for the greater good….or did you pass on what SEEMED like a sweet opportunity but you knew it wasn’t right for you?

Tell me ALL about it!

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And P.P.S. I go deeper into today’s topic right HERE:

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