Do you know the future? I sure don’t.

So why is it that we think we have to know it before trying anything new?

You know, one thing I have figured out over the years is that it is easy to convince yourself that you’re secure, that things will never change, that they’ll always be the way that they are right now and that there is nothing to worry about.

One of the ways of buying into that is by thinking that you know what is going to happen next with your job, your relationship, your life, the world….just because you happen to have bought into a path for an “ordinary” life.

I know I did! Sure, when I was stuck in the shoebox pharmacy, I thought that nothing would ever change, that even though I hated every excruciating moment of it, at least I knew it was a stable and secure situation.

Not exactly.

It got harder. It got more demanding. It got to the point where I knew that not only was it something I just couldn’t make myself do anymore….but also I was probably one or two wisecracks away from getting myself irrevocably on the “bad” list with the higher-ups.

And the job was just ONE way that I was duping myself into thinking that I would always know what was coming next. Never mind the rest of life. Never mind that what it was that I planned for decades ago not only didn’t happen but also became something that I never could’ve conceived of back when I first set off on the path to what they call “adulting” these days.

This is a GOOD thing. Sometimes it hurts more than it helps to know too much about what’s coming (never mind the “Back To The Future” references I could throw in here….). Sometimes it’s better to let go and go with what comes up for you rather than try to orchestrate, outsmart, and overthink it all.


Because when you do THAT….you’re leaving it all to your MIND. Your mind and your mind alone. The one that wants to take over and keep you in your place. The thing that wants to keep you safe and unchanged. The thing that is terrified that if you step outside at the wrong moment that you might be eaten by a Saber-Toothed Tiger (and doesn’t know that fear from any other kind…..) 

That mind also doesn’t tend to have a lot of sense when it comes to expansion, evolution, and creation….so why send it to do the Soul’s job?

But it WILL butt in. It just happens. The key is to not let it stop you. See, it’s the mind that creates that fear of the unknown. When you know that, it’s a LOT easier to not take it so seriously. After all, it’s not the only part of you that knows anything.

Believe me, there has been nothing but unknown on my path lately…..and I find that it is sometimes even harder not to let that fear have its way the further along you go. What do you do?

I talk about that right HERE……

What do you think? How have you let that Fear of the Unknown get in your way in the past? (Because I know it has if you’re anything like me!) What did you do about it?

Tell me in the comments below.

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