It sounds like such a big deal, doesn’t it? Your Soul’s Calling. Your Life’s Purpose. Pretty heavy stuff, right?

Not only does it often sound like an impossibly lofty demand but also a source of a lot of stress. Figure out my Life’s Purpose?

Sure, no problem! I’ll get that done just before I go compose a symphony, earn a law degree, and write that Great American Novel by lunchtime! (And yes, Dr. Cooper, that was sarcasm.)

What do you do if this Mission just isn’t showing up? Does it mean that your dreams of freedom are flatlining? As in, if I don’t figure it out NOW I’ll be stuck a corporate drone forever?

Honestly, I can tell you that knowing it is a pretty big deal. It’s pretty much everything. Why? Because your Soul’s Calling–Your Life’s Purpose– is the greatest and most beautiful manifestation of who you are.

So why does feeling like you have to know that all-important Purpose sometimes feel more like a threat than a grand adventure?

When I was trying my damnedest to make myself answer that question, I felt stressed, worn out, and afraid that I’d never come up with the answer. 

I remember doing quiz after quiz, test after test (personality and otherwise!), racking my brain and begging for an answer. Preferably within the next 30 minutes. (And then feeling frustrated and panicked when it didn’t show up.)

No question I was putting forth the effort! But the results? So many times it turned into nothing but frustration and dead ends. (And no escape in sight from the Corporate Job.)

How did I turn it around? Like this….

One day I decided that I was simply going to do the work….and then let it go. Let my intentions go out into the Universe and then go on about my day. 

Was it easy at first? Was it hard not to keep pushing, grinding, and begging for an immediate reply? Of course.

But the more I practiced it—by relaxing, breathing, meditating, it started to work. Connecting with Higher Self started to come more easily. And I realized that this is what I’d been doing all along….only now I was actually understanding it! 

All of these quiet practices also included something else, too: after being quiet and looking inward, there was getting up, changing scenery, and MOVING (especially with a good and solid run!). This was essential to the “letting go” part. 

And then it all started happening. I started to open up to who I really was. How did the answers come?

Through signs and synchronicities. Through messages through my intuitive channels (you know those moments where you “just know” something? Yep, those messages!)

It started coming to me…or more accurately, started revealing itself. (Because it was always there anyway.)

YES, you do have to do the work to clear out the crap and get to where the answers are. And of COURSE you have to act on the information that you get. Let’s just assume that this is a given.

Just DO the work, don’t fret about it….and then let it go and do its thing. You know what they say about watched pots. (And what they NEVER do!)

It’s all a balance of DOING and BEING. And knowing when it’s time for which one. This takes practice. Sometimes it takes a LOT of practice.

But it is something you can work toward ANY time. The more you do it, the closer you are to really knowing who you are. And it ALL comes from there. 



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