“So, what do you do?” When people ask you that question, do you find yourself saying with gusto and passion, “I AM…” (and whatever it is that you do)? If the answer is “yes”, then kudos to you! You’re doing better than I did for so long!

For many years, I couldn’t do that. Not at all. When I met someone new, I hoped they wouldn’t ask “what I did”. Ugh. I hated that question.

You see, for many years, I couldn’t even tell people who I was.  Why? Because I was embarrassed. And I felt downright ridiculous. (Not to mention like a total fraud.)

Now, you might ask what would make someone like me put up with such a situation. And for that matter, you might wonder what situation I’m even talking about! Seriously, what could be so dreary as that picture I’m painting right now?

Great question! Let me explain….

I was in a “good” corporate job as a retail pharmacist for over a decade. Most people would probably consider that “making it” in the world. And to a certain degree, I suppose that I had, by conventional standards, “arrived”. I was making the money. I was living the life. I was looking respectable on the outside…and hating everything about my life on the inside. Badly.

In 15 years on the job I was in denial about who I was and what I did. It was so bad that in a decade and a half I couldn’t even make myself answer the phone saying “This is the pharmacist.”

That is….I refused to put the power of the statement “I AM” behind what I spend my days doing. 

Because you know what? In my heart…in my mind…and in my SOUL…I wasn’t. I was someone else entirely. Someone who knew that she couldn’t survive without a purposeful and passion-based existence. And was finding what she did every day virtually passion-free.

Now, DON’T get me wrong. It’s a perfectly respectable job. It wasn’t like I considered it beneath me. Hardly. I’ve been in the trenches with some pretty amazing people who knew how to perform under extreme fire. People who really cared and wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. And I sure DO respect my former colleagues and what they do every day.

But when it came to it, that life it just wasn’t me. And in my world, NOT being the person I needed to be was eating away at my Soul. And that was too high of a price to pay.

Until one day, enough was enough.

Perhaps it seems selfish. Maybe it might even sound as though I considered myself above my company. But I assure you–neither could be further from the truth.

When you deny who you really are and what you’ve come here to do in this life, when you set your God-given passion aside in favor of practicality and safety, ultimately you make too big of a sacrifice. Not only do you deny yourself the joy of sharing your talents, but also you deny the WORLD the beauty of your gifts. In the long run, nobody really wins there.

There is NOTHING more powerful than knowing who you are. Finding out who you really are and who you really want to be. And then going out and making that into what you DO.

That’s the biggest thing that you need to know when you’re contemplating getting away from the corporate grind. That is, allowing yourself to discover who you really are and what you really want to do. Then deciding who you want to do it for. And most importantly, why you do it. (This part is critical, everyone!)

If these three things aren’t solid in your heart, mind, and Soul, then the rest of it just won’t fly. If you don’t know what the hell you’re doing and why, then…well, this “do your own thing” gig is gonna be a LOT harder.

And it’ll be a LOT…LESS…FUN. (Hell, it might become as miserable and frustrating as the corporate job!)

This is the number one reason that I have devoted my business to helping YOU discover who you really are. And building a beautiful and inspired business around that very thing. Because I want everyone to do more than just utter the cliched words “find your passion”. I want you to to actually LIVE that passion.

And starting with YOU and what makes you proud to say “I AM”  is where it all begins.

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