Freedom. It’s probably the first thing you think of when dreaming of ditching the professional world. Living life on your own terms, every day. How beautiful would that be? 

There are a oodles of people out there who SAY they’d do anything to be free of the corporate job. Funny thing is, those who bark it the loudest often stay in the cubicle the longest.

(And some of them never end up leaving it at all.)

This makes me wonder, as it always has since I began this venture. What is it that TRULY motivates people to get rid of their corporate situation for their own adventure?

You know, what drives the ones who not only talk about it but also actually DO it?

Let’s go a step further. What would you say if I asked you point-blank right now, why it is that you dream about kicking the the 9-5 to the curb?

It’s not a trick question, promise. I’m not trying to call you out or play “gotcha”. I’m just asking. 😉

If it is to be free of the soul-sucking misery of the corporate world, then I applaud you. This is a big deal and an admirable goal in itself.

I remember going from day to day in the high-stress box of a job I was living in, and all I kept wishing was that I was anywhere but there. Doing anything but this. I knew I couldn’t go on the way forever.

Of course, realizing this then begged the next question:

What was I planning on replacing the corporate gig WITH, anyway? 

I asked myself that very thing one day. I then had a flashback to decades ago. (Cue the hinkly-tinkly music and swirly TV screens…) 😉

I was in a freshman-level philosophy course indulging in age-old sophomoric debates (and seeing that there really WAS nothing new under the sun….or at least nothing new on college campuses!)

One day, the debate on the table was this:

What is the difference between “freedom from” and “freedom to”?

Funny how that question came up out of the blue for me so many years later! (Maybe the things we learned in the name of theory really DID have some practical applications, huh?)

But to put it in the terms of my life as it was at the time, I seriously considered what that meant. “Freedom from”.  “Freedom to”.

Both were about being free….but each taking on a different means by which that was to happen.

So what was what in my situation?

“Freedom from” was a snap. Freedom from the grip of corporate life, clearly. 

“Freedom to”, though? Not quite as easy. In other words, what would I really want to be doing if I wasn’t in the cubicle? Freedom to go do WHAT, pray tell? 

(Maybe this question should come first, huh?) 😉

Whether or not this side of the coin comes up first or last, though, it’s a question you need to ask.

I have a feeling that you are wanting not only freedom from “the man” but also purpose. BIG time purpose. I bet you want to replace the daily grind with soul-satisfying work.

The thing is when you decide what it is that you want to do INSTEAD of continuing to succumb to the daily grind, things start to take a turn.

You can see yourself not only FREE from your current situation but also doing what it is that you LOVE every day. It becomes a motivation based on BOTH escaping the pain and embracing the love.

Now, that sounds like the beginning of a pretty effective “exit strategy”, doesn’t it?

When you put your true passion first, it puts a whole new high-vibe spin on the escape plan. It makes things seem a lot more doable AND exciting.

Are you ready to decide what you DO want instead of just want you DON’T want?

Trust me, it’s a lot more fun that way! 😉

1 Comment on Freedom First? (Or, Why Else to Leave The Job)

  1. Merri
    May 22, 2016 at 5:08 pm (1 year ago)

    Absolutely! If you leave your corporate job for something that gives you more time or more financial freedom (can you say “network marketing”?? Could not resist this poke!) and nothing else, you won’t succeed ! It must reflect your passion … Nothing else is worth it ! Thank you for the reminder 🌞☀️


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