You all know what I’m the most passionate about.  At least you do if you’ve been hanging out here for a while.

That THING of mine is helping people figure out their true Purpose in life. You know, that all-elusive thing you were born to do? Yep, I’m all about helping you find it.

I’m always looking for new ways to make my client experience more personalized, fulfilling, and magical. (Not to mention productive and practical, too!)

All this time, though, I knew that there was something I was being called to do in order to make this happen on an even BIGGER scale. And I’ve done just THAT.

There’s something I’ve been working on over the past few months that is helping me do just that. Now I’m using it and I’m over the MOON to share it with you.

This summer I learned an amazing and life-changing skill, and that is this: I learned how to read the Akashic Records.

The WHAT? you may ask. And I’m glad you did! Let me explain…

The Akashic Records are basically the “hard drive” for your Soul being. That is, they contain all of your experiences, past and present. They hold a wealth of information about the truest version of you. This is the place where all there is to know about you as a SOUL is stored.

See, you can access this information when you need it, and not many people know that! What’s more, it’s amazing what you can learn about yourself and your life’s path. Amazing, surprising, and totally mind-blowing!

So all of that magical and all-elusive information is in one place….but how do you get at it? Who’s there to tell you all this stuff, anyway?

Here’s your answer: the information you ask for is delivered via Spirit. It comes from what are known as Spirit Guides. Some call it the Universal Energy. You might have heard it called Angel communication. Or maybe simply a conversation with God.

You can access this information either on your own or with a little help. A little help, that is, from someone who accesses Spirit on your behalf.

This is what is called an Akashic Records Reading. And it’s what I’ve been trained to do!

It’s not fortune-telling. This is much more than just just woo-woo. Truth be told, it is you, the reader, and the experience of your Soul being. You get feedback,  guidance, and affirmation.

Most of all, you experience the intensely amazing LOVE that God and Universe has to offer you–EVERY moment of every day.

Folks, the results I’ve been getting have been pretty mind-blowing up to this point! I’ve been doing multiple readings for people of all backgrounds, spiritual persuasions, and levels of understanding. Let me tell you, the experience has been CRAZY rewarding for both me and my clients. I’ve had reports from clients of greater clarity, relief, excitement and re-alignment. There’s been flat-out mind-blowing moments of self-understanding when Spirit starts to talk.

One thing I’ve received on a personal level is an outpouring of love, support, and excitement that I’ve never had before!

But most of all, people have been totally curious and want to know more about this whole thing! I’ve been putting together as many of the FAQs I’ve gotten since I started, and I’m putting them all together in a webinar presentation just for YOU.

Join me on Wednesday, October 26th at 8PM ET/5PM PT for my NEW Webinar, “The Akashic Records: The LOWDOWN on the SOUL EXPERIENCE”. I’ve assembled the most FAQs and things that have happened since I’ve been at this, and I have NO doubt I can help you get to know about this amazing experience–what it can do for you, how it all works, and most of all–what it can do for YOU, my friends.

Jump on over and sign up right HERE for full access to this LIVE event (and of course access to the REPLAY!). And if you attend LIVE, there will be special announcements and surprises, too, so be there live if you can!

Can’t wait to see you there–believe me, this is one of those moments where you’re just about to find out something that just might be a BIG game-changer for you! Don’t miss it!

Questions? Hit me up in the comments or message me!


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