It was that typical, cliched but painfully true “do-or-die” kinda moment. I knew I needed to do something. Fast. My confidence and sanity depended on it. (No big thing, right?) Yep, I got to that dreaded gut-check moment…..the moment when I feared I’d have to admit I might’ve made a mistake.

You see, I’d left my corporate job a few months earlier on a lot of enthusiasm and a LOT more Faith. I’d just started up my coaching business and I just KNEW it was going to be the BIG thing to take me EXACTLY where I wanted to go in life. (Oh, yes, and change the world, too, of course!)

But then, seemingly out of nowhere, things started to shake. And NOT in a good way.

I grew tired. Uninspired. And eventually afraid. What was WRONG with me? Why was this thing I created turning from a dream into an exhausting chore? (And one that was going nowhere fast at that?)

People were telling me that I just needed to be more “me”. Get out there and show my real self and what I believed in.

But wait, wasn’t I already DOING that? And if I wasn’t, how was I supposed to change that? How exactly was I supposed to be more “myself” than I already was being?

It was time for a serious check-in moment. It was time to ask the hard questions, be prepared to get the answers, no matter what they were, and do what I was being guided to do. Even if it did mean (gulp!) quitting.

What I found out next was nothing short of astonishing.

Turns out that it wasn’t entirely me after all. And that I was NOT a quitter. Not by a long shot.

Through opening up to myself and my own Soul, I found that I had simply spent too much time doing what I thought “should” be doing in my business. Something that I thought would “work” merely because everybody else is doing it and having wild success (or so it seemed that they all were…)

But knew what I REALLY wanted my business to be about. I knew the thing that would bring me back into that “alignment” thing that everybody talks about (but that nobody really defines). I knew the real reason for my business, my purpose, and my life.

The thing is, I was simply afraid to be completely honest about what I wanted. In other words, I KNEW my calling. I just wasn’t quite ready to fully ACCEPT it yet.

Now, THAT was more than a gut-check moment. It was a heart-check and a SOUL-check moment.

When I realized that this simple thing was the only thing holding me back, a miracle occurred. I felt lighter. Happier. Full of peace and inspiration at the same time. Ready to re-invent myself and get back out there with this realization. Like, pronto!

But to get to this point, I had to FIRST admit to myself that things were NOT OK as they were. That they weren’t working. And that if I didn’t do something, that losing streak would continue.

Folks, sometimes it’s just flat-out HARD to admit it when things aren’t working. But that little twinge deep down in your Soul won’t be silenced forever.

When you don’t admit that things need to change–that is, you need to REALLY look at your business or your life and say: THIS IS NOT WORKING and I need to do SOMETHING to correct course—it only leads to frustration and misery. (And avoiding the gut-check moment does NO good here, I promise you that!)

But when you DO let the truth have a chance to shine through and you let it be what it is….you realize that there’s nothing standing between the world and the SOUL you truly are.

Now, THEN the world-changing party can get started!! But ONLY if you allow it to.

Is it time for YOU to get that done? Let’s talk about that. Schedule your 30-Minute Breakthrough Discovery Session right HERE–and let’s get you back to the business of being YOU.

2 Comments on My Gut-Check Moment That Changed My Business

  1. Alison
    September 24, 2016 at 6:59 am (9 months ago)

    I’m loving your stuff!! Carpe Dieme!
    So what did you do differently? What was out of alignment with the way you had started your business?

    • Jennifer
      September 24, 2016 at 10:17 am (9 months ago)

      Hey, Alison! Thanks for your comment, and I am glad you are appreciating my work! Anyway….I think for me what felt out of alignment the most was that I started out as a coach for new entrepreneurs, but the main reason for that emphasis was that I thought I “had” to be a business coach (because that is what everyone else was doing). Once I started seeing myself as a Soul-Purpose Coach (instead of business alone) my purpose started to make a lot more sense!


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