“It’s Not The Right Time”. Oh, yes. Not the right time.

I can’t get started with my dream business today. It’s just not the right time. The cubicle is going to have to do for a while longer because…

…..I need to wait until I have more money. Until I have it all figured out. Until the kids are a little bit older. Until I have more education. Give it about another 3 months and I’ll think about it then.

No matter what your situation is, there is always a reason NOT to do something. Rational or not, real or not real, there is always some story you can tell yourself about why it isn’t the right time to get started. If you’ve done this before, I guarantee you’re in good company. (After all, y’all know that it took me a LONG time to decide that I was “ready”…..)

Waiting for the perfect time? That’ll be a LONG wait. Guaranteed.

There never WILL be a perfect time. I can’t even guarantee you that there’ll be a tomorrow. None of us really know much of anything when it comes to time.

Which is why NOW is the time!

But…do I really mean by “get started”? Let’s talk about that right now…..

Now, when I say “get started”, I do NOT mean build a major city in an afternoon. I don’t mean go on some crazy-mad-obsessed binge of action, wear yourself out, and crash, only to stay in an indefinite heap of exhaustion afterwards, either. Don’t get me wrong—I didn’t say you have to do it ALL in one day. Not at all.

But you DO have to do SOMETHING. Doesn’t matter how big or small. Just something. Take the first step and keep stepping. That is all.

Yep, that’s ALL you have to do! Really!

Not sure where to begin? Here’s some suggestions to get your feet wet and start taking continuous action after that:

—Give some time to your business dream EVERY day (even if it’s just a few minutes of “quality time”–and that could even be as few as 5 minutes! Really!)
—Figure out where you are and where you want to go, and by that I mean in SMALL steps. Sure, have a grand vision of where you want to be in a year, two years, or whatever…but how about bringing it a little closer to the here and now? What is the ONE thing that you want to do tomorrow? Then the next day? How about this week? Start there.
—Believe that you CAN do it. I repeat, BELIEVE in yourself and in your dream. Practice this EVERY DAY (even if that’s ALL you have time for during your business time on a given day!) I don’t think any of the above steps is more important than THIS one. In fact, just re-affirming your commitment to your dream every day can sometimes be enough of an action item.

And most of all….

Get EXCITED about this thing! This is a new life and a new adventure that you want to create! Make it something that makes you happy and fills you up rather than makes you feel guilty or stressed out. (Because that’s what Corporate Jobs are for, not Dream Businesses, right?) 😉 Give yourself the permission not only to start creating your dream gig but also to be TOTALLY jazzed about it. You deserve that!

So are you ready to get your Escape Plan started? It’s NOT too late to join in the 5-Day Ditch The Cubicle Challenge! What is THAT, you ask? Read all about it right HERE. You can still join in….it’s not too late to get going with the dream! Sign up right HERE.

So tell me….have you ever told yourself that something just “isn’t the right time”? What was the reason? What did you do? Tell me about it!

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