I know you. I know you’re amazing at ALL kind of things, right? You have an overwhelming array of talents. How do I know that? Well, for starters, you probably wouldn’t be hanging around here reading this if you weren’t seriously motivated, talented and accomplished, right? Of course not.

But when it comes to the “what” of your dream business, project, or adventure, you might hit the wall. What can I do that’ll actually sell? Who would pay me for what I do, besides a good ol’ fashioned J.O.B.? What is it that I am SUPPOSED to be doing to make me happy AND be the “right” thing for me?

Here’s the thing–you CAN do a LOT of things, I am sure of it. You have a CRAP ton of marketable skills. I bet if you had to, you could rattle them off the top of your head like your ABCs. Your experiences might’ve been in school, in the workplace, in your personal life, and maybe even in a business you already have.

In other words, you rock.

BUT let me ask you this—which one of them is not just a TALENT but a CALLING?

Is your “real deal” dream business even on the LIST of talents? I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t! (It might not even have occurred to you, in other words!)

In my life, I’ve been a teacher. A personal trainer. A running coach and mentor. A retail pharmacist. A bus driver. A hotel maid. And you know what? I was DAMN good at each and every one of those things. I came, I saw, I kicked ASS at everything I ever did, because I felt it was my duty to do so. So I did. I rocked it when I had to.

But none of those things, no matter how marketable they were, ever really DID it for me.
That is, until I acknowledged and fully ACCEPTED that this is what I really, truly, and most passionately wanted.

Sure, all of those other skills I rattled off could’ve made me money (a lot of them DID). Of course, if I put my mind to it, I could’ve made any of them into a business, one that I would’ve felt completely confident I could produce results for the client. (And some of them I did just that!)

BUT in the end…..none of my mad skills got me what I really wanted, which was to be the person I was BORN to be. And do the thing I KNEW I had to do.

THAT took something else. That took a lot of honesty, a lot of courage, and a lot of willingness to trust my gut, my heart, and my Soul’s calling. Implicitly. No matter what I thought might go wrong if I did.

Oh, yes, and ACCEPT that Mission (“Impossible” or not!).

It’s NOT impossible, though. You CAN get down deep into the person you really are and do the thing you were really meant to do. Promise.

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