One thing in this world that you definitely will NOT find a lack of is advice.

No matter what the topic, you can Google away (or spend 5 minutes on Social Media) and easily find PLENTY of very authoritative advice.

You’ll find endless advice about business. Fitness. Politics. Recycling. Basket-weaving. Or just about ANYTHING else you can come up with.

And you know what? Fair enough. If you know something, say so. If you are good at something, share it. If you have a talent, OWN it.

But here’s the other part of it…..just because someone is the expert in their field (whatever it may be) doesn’t mean that they’re the absolute authority on everything there is.

And of course, there’s only one true authority on what YOU need to do in life….and I bet you know who that is. (You, of course!)

So here’s the deal–you know that you want to do something that you’ve either never done before or know you’re gonna need some guidance with. Yet you know that nobody can really tell you how to live your life but you.

What do you do? Go at it alone and everyone else can take a flying leap because it’s your life, dammit? Or don’t do anything until someone else tells you exactly how, what, and where to do it because surely they know better?

Well….no and no, actually.

Honestly, I have made both of these errors in judgement when it comes to looking for help and guidance in my endeavors.

I’ve gone too crazy trying to implement someone else’s “sure-fire” strategies because I was terrified I’d do it wrong and therefore fail.

I’ve ALSO gotten so irritated and frustrated with everyone else’s rules in the past that I’ve sworn up and down to go at it alone….and then found myself almost too afraid to ask for help when I legitimately needed it. 

Neither are good options, let me tell you.

So what DO you do?

Honestly….I love having help, support, and encouragement. I love learning from others who have been there and done that.

And just as much, I LOVE paddling my own canoe and allowing myself to be the person who I AM, not just another dreamer who finds herself ironically following a template for independence.

What works for me now is working with people who challenge me to stretch my comfort zone and reach higher than I thought I could on my own. But also who allow me to break new ground, try new things, and get closer to the person I want to be the most. The person I HAVE to be.

That’s what it’s all about. Learning from your mentors. Deciding for yourself what works for you and what doesn’t. When resistance comes up, learning to discern whether it’s resistance due to fear….or it’s simply because something is just NOT for you.

That’s a tough call sometimes. But once you get that wired, you’re that much closer not only to getting to the place you want to be…but becoming the person you truly are.

So here’s my (somewhat ironic) advice about advice: let people have their say. Don’t take what anyone says personally, but rather….see if it resonates with you. Take what works for you. Run with what feels right (even if it doesn’t always feel easy). 

When you feel resistance around something, ask yourself if it’s because it makes you feel fearful….or if it really IS just “off-brand” for you. (Because it could very easily be either one.)

In the end, nobody does it all alone….yet everyone has to walk their own path. And yes, you can have the benefits of both at the same time, really!

This week, I’ll be sharing more about my new “you-based” program as well as my Energize Your Soul 1:1 Intensive Sessions….plus an announcement about an all-new Masterclass for May.

It’s all designed you help YOU become your OWN expert in your own life.

That’s what I want for you. So that’s what I’ll be sharing.

More on that on later this week…..(plus more fun shares about my adventures–headed to Florida this week for a Half-Marathon!)

In the meantime, tell me….what do you usually seek support with when you take on a new project? Getting started, keeping going, staying inspired? On the other hand, what are your strong suits? I’d love to hear that, too…

Until next time…..

Jennifer R.

P.S. This week on Real Talk, Real Dreams….What made Scientific Illustrator Ikumi Kayama decide to try her hand at forging her own path in the professional world? Ikumi talks about what Scientific Illustration is, how she’s made what she does her own, and what she believes keeps so many of us from going for what we really want…..

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