Let me ask you something: if someone told you that they could tell you what your Life’s Purpose was, right here right now, would you want to know, once and for all?

I bet you might’ve hesitated a bit or had a pang of fear. I know I have in the past when I’ve thought about that question! 

But WHY is that, exactly? Don’t people want to know what the “purpose of life” really is?

It would certainly seem that way.  That’s a thing that’s been asked for centuries. Everyone from Plato to the bagger at your local grocery store has thought about what that all-elusive “purpose of life” might be.

I know you have too, at some point–and possibly on a daily basis if you’re anything like me!

So far there has NOT been a consensus answer. But still people keep asking. And asking and asking.

Here’s the thing, though–does anybody really want to know the answer?

If I asked you honestly, would YOU really want to know the answer?

I believe that sometimes people really DON’T want to know. 

Why? Because sometimes the very idea is just…too…heavy. I mean, seriously–the purpose of LIFE? Can you get much more serious than that? Sounds like MORE than a big deal.

Especially when you make it a personal question and not only ask what the purpose of life in general is….but also ask what YOUR specific and individual purpose is.

Now, THAT is some scary stuff, folks! 

What if you can’t figure it out? Or if you get it wrong? Maybe it doesn’t even exist and this life is ALL a big joke….what about THAT?

Pretty overwhelming if you think about it too much. Makes you think that ignorance just might be bliss, right?

Well….no. Not at all, actually. Ignorance is just ignorance. Bliss is something else. And what is the only way to bliss here?

KNOWING. And accepting. That’s right, knowing what your life is all about. Accepting what it’s all about.

But there’s also a third part to the story. It’s LOVING the purpose.

I’ve known for a some time what I’m here to do….(or at least here to get started!). And over the years, it has involved a lot of inexplicable moves and countermoves. Lots of action that seemed rather nonsensical and sometimes looking pretty rash.

Most of the time looking like I hadn’t accomplished much, either. Well, not much other than following some sort of unnamed and invisible star that produced no real rewards.

And let me tell you….without a lot of evidence that I was doing ANYTHING right, it has been PRETTY freaking tough to keep going.

(I mean, seriously, what the hell have I been doing and why am I continuing to make a fool out of myself for going after it? Why couldn’t I just be like everybody else and live a normal damn life??)

But all the while I knew everything I was doing was to serve what I came here to do. So I kept going (albeit reluctantly at times!).

The thing is, it all started to get vastly inflated. It spun a little bit out of control. And it definitely got to be pretty….damn…serious.

To the point that it was like carrying a backpack of cannonballs up the side of a mountain.

Something was definitely a little bit amiss here! Sure, knowing was amazing…but somehow I missed the memo that knowing could actually be JOYFUL. Something that could not only make you feel purposeful but also feel ALIVE. And in HARMONY with God and the Universe.

Seriously, why the uphill battle, here?

That’s the thing. Your MISSION is a big deal. YOU are a big deal.

But here’s the thing, Big Deal….your purpose should ALSO bring you Joy. And LOVE. It doesn’t have to be a burden. It doesn’t have to be a celestial mandate.

It just has to be who you ARE. No more, no less. 

Believe me, THAT is enough right there!

I believe that this is one of the reasons that you might be avoiding the big questions and settling for getting by. Sometimes ignorance really DOES seem like bliss…but it is NOT.

Sure, there are going to be a LOT of struggles ahead once you know your real deal in life. But it doesn’t have to be every day, all the time. Not ever. Your Purpose was intended to challenge you, but also to make you see what a brilliant being you really are.

It takes courage to step up into a new version of YOU…..but it also has HUGE rewards on the other side. 

What’s more, you don’t even need to get to the other side right away to start getting the benefits of knowing yourself–THAT can start right away!

So when I finally realized that I could put my sword down and be a little less warrior and a little more Yogi, it all started to make sense.

The truest alignment is to not only give your Purpose the right kind of seriousness and respect….but also to let it bring you the JOY of connecting with the Source. 

NOW…who wouldn’t want to go after finding that Purpose with THAT as the goal?

If it is time for YOU to figure it all out, we need to talk. Let’s take the grim determination out of it and bring in the drive AND the joy. You deserve that! Schedule a Complimentary 20-Minute Breakthrough Discovery session right HERE and let’s get the MAGIC flowing your way.

Because you deserve NO less that that!


2 Comments on Your Life Purpose–Do You REALLY Want To Know?

  1. Merri
    October 4, 2016 at 7:17 pm (9 months ago)

    You have a gift for putting challenging and enlightening information in an understandably intuitive and graspable manner … Brilliant ! 🌝

    • Jennifer
      October 8, 2016 at 2:49 pm (9 months ago)

      Thanks so much! I appreciate that. SO many layers to this getting to yourself thing…and I do love to point them all out as I see them. 😀


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