With any luck, you’re lucky enough to be miserable. (At work, that is!)

I know, I know….what the WHAAT? You might say. Sure, of course misery is what I want out of my supposed career! 

But think about for a moment, though.

How many of us really ARE lucky enough to have a miserable day to day work situation? One that is SO intolerable that it FORCES you to jump ship or die trying?

I’m willing to bet not that many.

Sometimes being trapped in a cradle of professional mediocrity just might be more detrimental to your life’s mission than living in a den of abject misery.

See, when a situation is tolerable enough to stay but not fulfilling enough to light up your life, well…you’ve got a situation. One that could go on for years if you’re not careful.

I stayed in a place like that for a good 15 years. And you know what? It wasn’t miserable enough to bail….until one day it was. 

But it’s funny, I might’ve saved myself a lot of time if it would’ve been worse.

It made me realize how many people really are stuck the system. In the trenches. In the Matrix. Feeling stuck in a place that provides just enough oxygen to stay alive but not enough to deeply breathe.

That’s when it gets REALLY scary. That’s when it becomes all too easy to complain a lot with the coworkers but then just get by.

And then waking up one morning years later, wondering what the hell happened to your life when you weren’t looking.

Folks, when a work situation isn’t YOU all the way…..it’s just not worth it. You’re here for more important things than just to follow someone else’s rules. Don’t let it get so bad that you force yourself out.

Think about what you’re tolerating when you stay in a tolerable-to-bad work situation. Think about what you’re giving up spending time being someone OTHER than who you really are.

In the end, there’s no pain greater than trying to push your foot into a shoe that doesn’t fit just for the sake of society. And other people’s expectations. And for a long list of “shoulds”.

(The “shoulds” of which are probably being written by people who most likely don’t know what to do themselves!)

How long are you going to let yourself be subjected to that?

It can be the most courageous thing in the world to take a stand BEFORE it comes to that.










Is that something you’re ready to do right NOW?

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