The Universe has a LOT to say. All the time. That is, if you’re willing to listen. If you’ve followed me for a while, you probably thought I was gonna say something like that.

Hearing what the Universe says is HUGE. Accepting your calling is vital in life.

But then there’s that thing that happens NEXT, of course…..

What do you DO about it? 

These lofty messages, these promises of love, protection, beautiful things in your life, the awesome gifts you have to share….they are all life-changing.

But the moment does come where you gotta take some action. Bring them out of the realm of stars and light and bring them down here to earth. Where they’re needed most!

(Because isn’t that the whole point of the operation, to make the light of heaven show up here on earth?)

I bet you figured I was gonna say that at some point. Knowing is NOT half the battle. It’s a part of the battle–and a HUGE part. But there are other steps, and one of them is DOING.

Taking big action when you have big inspiration is the best way possible. Sometimes taking big action even BRINGS more inspiration.

I’m probably NOT the first to tell you that you have to take action, though! Hardly. That’s being talked about to the nth degree. And then talked about some more. (Probably even more after that!)

What makes getting in touch with Spirit so powerful, though, is that when you are given the gift of awareness and affirmation, if you REALLY take it into your Heart and Soul, acting is easy. Going for it is a breeze.

Sounds like a pretty big-ass promise, doesn’t it? It is. But the other thing is this–the best action comes from trusting in the Universe. The most effortless steps come from forgetting how you’re going to do it, not even worrying too much WHY you’re doing it, and just DOING it based on what your SOUL being is telling you.

Great–but HOW do you do this? You might ask. And I’m glad you did. 

It all comes from where you start. Where the REAL you begins. Your SOUL being. (Where else, right?)

Tapping into that can be done many ways….my favorite way is through the Akashic Records, of course. Starting with where it all began, where all of the “you” files are stored.

What happens next, though?

This: allowing the love and the power behind what your Soul being is saying be what makes you take action. Feeling how lined up you are with your Purpose, be it a short-term or long-term Purpose, feels different than doing something because you’re afraid.

THIS is a big determining factor right here: actions driven by what your love-based SOUL is saying are so much more effortless than actions driven by what your fear-based EGO says. It’s the effortless flow we’re going for here, and something tells me that you know how one feels as opposed to the alternative.

Now, I know that you can’t do this perfectly every single time. Neither can I. Hardly! It’s a practice, like anything else. We all have our share of running away from the tigers chasing us as we do flying toward our dreams like Tinkerbell. But if you can tip the scales in favor of ol’ Tink, I can pretty much promise you’ll feel a lot more energized, relaxed, and satisfied.

And isn’t that the goal? Seriously….things don’t always have to be so hard. Living from your Soul being certainly does not! And it all starts with allowing Spirit to guide you to where you need to be, and then taking it the rest of the way down here on Earth.

Of course, navigating your way through physical reality (that is, making your calling “real”) isn’t always easy. Things move slowly here on Earth. Really slowly, or so it would seem.

But it does tend to be the mind that tells you this.  It’s usually the mind that barks at you about whether or not things are happening “fast” enough, whether you’re doing it “right”, and la, la, la….

Here’s what acting from Spirit guidance can be different: you can make that leap not only of Faith but of Patience. You might not always like what the pace is like here on Earth, but you’re much more likely to deal with it if you act from Soul.

In other words, the excitement, the alignment, and the joy of what you’re doing carries you through the tough stuff! 

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Is it always easy? Not on your tin-type.

But it CAN be done. Sometimes, though, getting there is a practice in itself. And that is TOTALLY OK.

One step at a time, the more trust you get in your Soul, the more inspired action you take. The more action you take, the more the path shows up for you. And of course, the more the path shows up for you, the more inspired action you take! (And I bet you can guess what comes next!)

Nobody (myself included) does this perfectly in one fell swoop. It’s all a journey of getting to know yourself, getting to trust your Guidance, and then actually going out into the world and DOING what you need to do.

And THAT is achieved one step at a time, and in YOUR own time.

This is where individual guidance comes in handy. After all, it’s nobody’s path but your own. But you have all the help, support, and guidance you can imagine, from me and from the Universe.

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