So what exactly is your passion, anyway?

Everyone tells you to “find your passion”, right? Do what you love, la la la…but can it really be made into something you can do for money? And for that matter, what is that “passion”, anyway? Surely you can’t mean watching Game of Thrones or College Football all day, right? (Although I’m sure that we all know that THIS isn’t what we’re getting at, right?) 😜

Is it really as easy as all that to make it a business? Or furthermore even to figure out what it IS?

You might think that you know what your true passion is (or what it might possibly be). But do you, really? A lot of us know that we want to do something amazing, astonishing, fulfilling, yadda yadda…..but try to put it into words and onto paper and we’re just stumped.

Maybe there are MANY things you love to do, that fire us up and make you want to charge the hill. That old “too many ideas” debacle. You have so many passions that you don’t want to leave ANY of them behind.

Well, I in the spirit of honesty, let me tell you this: if this is left to its own device, it can become confusing. And overwhelming.  And worse, the longer you hold onto them, the more you might start to  believe that you can’t have your own business because you either 1) can’t get specific enough about what you want to do, OR 2) can’t settle on an idea that you want to go after.

What do you do?

Let’s look at ALL of the things that you call “passions”. Yep, all of them. List them all. Everything. Now ask yourself….of all of these things on the list, WHICH ones are the ones that you could do ALL day without getting bored? No, seriously….what are you really THAT into?

There will be some things on the list that would undoubtedly make excellent business ventures. Some would not. And that’s OK. Not all of your personal passions are intended to be businesses.

Why is that? It’s NOT because some things can’t be “monetized” (the word for “profitable” these days!). There’s a way to do that for just about anything, really. So what’s the difference?

There’s a certain way that you have to feel about something that will give you the drive to give to it what a business demands. You know, the difference between “like” and “loooovvee”. The difference between “eh, he’s OK” and “OMG….who is THAT??”

Not every passion can carry that weight. Not every passion can stir up enough love to keep it going when the going (inevitably) gets tough.

But…your business HAS to be a CRAZY passion. If not, you’ll never love it enough to go on with it!

So how DO you “Follow Your Passion” when it comes to your business?

Three simple things:

-What is it that you love to do?
-Can it be translated into something you can do for others?


-WHY do you love this so much? Write down ALL the ways. ALL of them. Or even if you can sum it up in a few particular sentences that say it all without excessive words, FEEL the truth in them. REALLY feel it thoroughly. Ask yourself: is this a reason that’ll carry me through to the finish line?

THAT’S the kind of passion I’m talking about.

Know that this might require some experimenting. Keep these things in mind as you search:

-Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come up right away. Sometimes you just have to ask the questions and let the answers present themselves. So ASK what you need to ask, do the work, brainstorm the ideas, and let them simmer awhile

-Don’t be afraid to explore and test the waters with ideas, offers, and ways to help people doing what you love to do

-Does an idea have to be absolutely PERFECT–as in angel choruses as fireworks perfect–for you to even get started? NO, not at all! Sometimes you get the bolt of lightning, but other times, it’s a subtle cool and refreshing breeze. If something seems intriguing enough to try–if something frequently keeps coming back to you…it just might be worth exploring. Don’t wait for perfection to take a chance on something–that’s going too far in the OTHER direction!

Take action. Keep the three above points in mind and test the waters. Know the level of passion and purpose that YOU need to get it going and start exploring. It’s there, that passionate idea of yours. Just let yourself see it!


2 Comments on Not Every Passion Is A Business…But Your Business MUST Have Passion

  1. Merri
    January 13, 2016 at 8:32 am (1 year ago)

    Wonderful! This sums it up so perfectly! A must-see (in all the definitions of the word “see”!) for anyone who “knows” their break through time has arrived!

  2. Conny
    January 20, 2016 at 1:14 am (1 year ago)

    You are so right, it does not have to be perfect, you just have to start, get on the journey. Perfect should anyways not be the goal, perfect is different for everybody.


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