Goals. Blech. There, I’ll just say it.

Something about the word just irritates me. I bet that sounds kind of strange coming from someone like me, right?

Of course, it’s not that I don’t have them! There are a LOT of things I want to do. There are a lot of things I AM doing, that I want, that I see clearly in both my present and my future. A lot of things I am taking big ACTION on, too.

I guess it’s not so much GOALS that I don’t like. It’s the feeling that a GOAL is an end in itself. And that there’s nothing more after that. A completed feat that doesn’t expand, change, or grow.  That’s never been all that inspiring to me. It’s that moment where I picture a drill sergeant hollering at me, as if he knows better than me what I need.

That’s what bothers me so much about New Year’s Resolutions. The words are just so cold and rigid. SO wrapped up in results in the physical world and not much else.

I am all about being motivated and following a plan. But I don’t like threats. There is something stronger than a GOAL.

I prefer VISION. 

Vision that allows you to ask BIGGER questions. Open up to possibilities from the Source that your mind NEVER could’ve come up with on its own. And take you to places that you never could’ve imagined.

SO much more than a here-to-there, alpha-to-omega goal could provide unto itself, right?

Another thing that comes up with goals for the sake of goals–the driving force behind them. I’ve often found that a rigid goal is so often in response to something that you want to CHANGE–that is, something to avoid.

Well, fair enough there……but in order to keep going, there has to be a flip side, too. Instead of just what you’re running FROM, how about including where you’re running TO? You know, expand it all to favor what you WANT rather than JUST dwelling want you don’t want?

I bet you can see now how it could be that the thing your Soul yearns for the most is SO much more than a simple Goal, right?

Maybe that’s it right there. Goals feel like pressure and hype. And with an end result that can wind up feeling nice enough, but more like settling in a small little cul-de-sac than the cruising down the Superhighway to even BIGGER Dreams.

But VISION? The kind that you actually commit to making happen because it’s so damn exciting? The stuff that truly comes from your Soul being?

Right on to THAT!

Taking your VISION and acting on your DREAMS? That’s more like it.

That is what the Non-Resolution REVOLUTION is ALL about!

SOUL Reboot Challenge 2017!!

It’s a 7-Day Experience with me that is absolutely FREE–and you’re gonna love it! We’re talking getting you ready for the BIG stuff….without the pressure, the hype, the stress, the cliche…..

And it’s happening December 26th-January 2nd!

All about YOU. Making things happen YOUR way. And still having a lot of Holiday fun, too!

See you there!!



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