“Only A Few People Ever Really Make It, Anyway…” Yep….only a few people ever REALLY get out of the cubicle, go do what they love, and let the money follow. Oh, if ONLY it were that easy, right? There’s only a handful of J.K. Rowlings, Marie Forleos, Ali Browns, and Elizabeth Gilberts in the world, right? They can do it, and good for them….but it can’t happen for me.

Do you ever tell yourself that while staring out the window from the cubicle? I doubt you’re alone in that. I know I found myself thinking JUST that repeatedly over more than a dozen years at in the Professional world. (And it wasn’t that far back for me, either, truth be told.)

But here’s the thing—do you know what all of those people who “made it” have in common? Two major and simple things: They got started. AND they didn’t stop.

WOW, what an idea!

And you know what else? It’s staggering to think of just how many more people could be running the businesses of their dreams and creating the life that they really want if they’d just do the same. All that is is, once again–getting started–and NOT stopping. Sure, it’s OK to take baby steps. MORE than OK. And it’s OK to go slowly. It’s not a race. But the key is this: just get started. Just keep going. At YOUR pace. But do it.

It might seem like it’s all a zero-sum game. Like there is a finite amount of success, money, love, and happiness in the Universe–and that we all have to compete tooth and nail for it. That seems to be the paradigm that the world operates on. And you know what? It’s absolute crap. Total nonsense.

There really is enough to go around—it’s just that the Universe is waiting for YOU to stand up and start calling in what YOU want the most. Seriously. That’s all.

Don’t let the fear of failure indefinitely keep you tied to the Day Job that you hate. (Or in ANY situation that is sucking the life out of you, for THAT matter!). Don’t think that it’s always someone else who wins the race, gets the glory, wins the lottery, has the fairy-tale ending.

The truth is that YOU are just as worthy of success as the people you admire.  You are just as worthy of all the money, love, and happiness as your idols and heroines. When you start to think of yourself as JUST as worthy as your Business and Life Girl-Crushes to be successful, THAT is when things will start to change. When you start to believe that YOU can have ALL of the happiness and money that ANYONE else already has, that is when it’ll start to shift.

You deserve it, you are worthy of it, and it’s your birthright—you just have to go get it!

I mean, seriously—I wouldn’t blame the Corporate Boss for wanting to keep you just where you are, since you’re SO good at what you do…you certainly make THAT person’s life a lit easier (hey, you probably wouldn’t want to see you go, either!)

BUT….. wouldn’t you rather bring all of your Brilliance to YOUR dreams instead? Yeah, I thought so.

Just start believing! (And…don’t make me start singing that Journey song, here…..) 😉

So what DOES it take to get yourself to the point where believing is a LOT easier….and the jump from a J-O-B to a life of Freedom and Purpose seems a lot more real? Start right here with the 5-Day Ditch The Cubicle Challenge. It starts THIS Monday, February 22nd, 2016! You will learn the top 5 things you need to know, do and most importantly, BE to make this ALL work for you. Read all about it right HERE. If you already know that you’re IN, sign up right HERE. Let’s get this going!

1 Comment on “Only A Few People Ever REALLY Make It Anyway” (And Why YOU Could Be One of Them!)

  1. Merri
    February 17, 2016 at 7:49 am (1 year ago)

    I love it! Especially the down-to-business question ….”Do you want to just pay your bills and die??” Brava! That says it all!


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