Do you feel like you’re asking too much to want more? You know, is going after that “purpose” of yours a selfish thing? 

In other words, is it selfish to want more out of life than a “good” job?

You know, it looks like you have it all, right? The safe and steady job, making the money, living the dream.

You’re a lot luckier than a LOT of the people here on earth, right? What do you have to complain about, seriously?

Who wouldn’t want to be in your shoes?

Well, what if the answer is…you?

What if you really DO want more from life than what your job and your current situation gives you? Now, before I go on, let’s be clear about what I mean by MORE.

I DON’T necessarily mean more money. Or more prestige. Or even more TIME for yourself and your family. Not JUST that, anyway.

By “more”, I mean doing fulfilling work that not only makes you money but also satisfies your SOUL.

What I am asking is this: does it make you selfish for wanting to spend your days doing kind of work that is all about your PURPOSE in this life?

Short answer: NO.

I got that a lot back in the day. Back when I was dreaming about being just about anywhere else than looking out the sides of the corporate fishbowl.  Knowing for sure that there was something else I not only wanted to be doing but NEEDED to be doing.

And you can imagine how “helpful” the advice was.

“What’s wrong with what you’re doing now? You sure do make a lot more money than I ever will!”

“What don’t you like about your job, anyway? Maybe this is just as good as it gets.”

Or WORST of all…..(drumroll, please!)

“You’re lucky to have a job.” 

(UGH, that one hurt the most!)

And it frequently made me feel completely selfish. Sometimes even foolish.

That is, until I discovered the TRUTH of the matter.

The TRUTH is this: I wanted more out of my life because I knew I had a greater purpose. One that I needed to be spending all of my time doing.

It was in realizing this purpose that I learned an even GREATER truth: Being YOU and doing what you came here to do is anything BUT selfish.

In fact, it’s the greatest gift you can give not only yourself but also the WORLD.

Why? Because you are here in this life for something special. Something that only YOU can do. And when you hold that back indefinitely, you not only kill your own joy but also the joy that you could bring to others. And to the world.

It’s a real “lose-lose”. Who wants THAT?

Making what you love the most your business (literally) is a beautiful and honorable thing. And believe it or not, THIS is what the world needs you to do.

If anything, would actually be MORE selfish to deny the world the gifts you have to share! (Ironic, isn’t it?)

Do you ever feel guilty about wanting to break free of the safe life and do something amazing? Did you go ahead with it anyway…or not? I’d love to hear all about it!

2 Comments on Pursuing Your Purpose Problems: Am I Selfish?

  1. Merri
    April 27, 2016 at 3:01 pm (1 year ago)

    Absolutely! Love this!

  2. Jennifer
    April 27, 2016 at 7:46 pm (1 year ago)

    Glad you appreciate it! When something means that much to you, chances are that others will benefit from it right along with you. One of the best reasons of all to go for it!


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