So I’ve been thinking about it a lot. What I am doing this for. Why I am here writing this. What it has all come down to.

And what it has come down to is this: I’m here to be the best version of myself that I can. Teaching others to do the same thing, every day. 

That means ALL of me. And of course, that includes not only the “real” world but rest of it as well. What rest of it? The world of the Spirit. The Soul. The YOU that never dies.

You know that I’ve been spending a LOT of time with this blog, my business, and getting everything straight, once and for all. It hasn’t been an easy process. There have been numerous ups, downs, even MORE downs….and some downs that seemed like bottomless pits.

But the truth is THIS–that when it comes to it, the downs show up the most often when I THOUGHT about it all too much. What my supposed “message” was. Who the perfect client for me would be. HOW I was going to get anyone to pay for what I did. How, how, HOW…..

What happened next?

Nothing. Nothing, that is, until I got really honest with myself about what I wanted this to be about. And what it NEEDED to be about all along.

So here it is: I am a Spiritual Teacher, here to help you get that something “more” out of this life than you ever have before. It’s my mission to make sure that I teach as many people as possible to live their lives from the SOUL being first–and take it into the real world. Not the other way around. 

That is it. That right there. No other explanation needed.

Well, maybe there will be a little bit more. In fact, there will probably be a LOT more coming. After all, you might be thinking….”what does that even mean, Spiritual teacher?” Isn’t being “spiritual” something that is nice to have but not a burning necessity in life?

Folks, look at the state the world is in right now (and the state it has been in for a LONG time). Is everyone you know following their dreams and totally at peace?

Yeah, I thought so.

THIS is why entertaining other paths to happiness is so important. THIS is how looking elsewhere than just to the things you can see and touch make life so much more vibrant. 

It’s a part of you that has always been there….and maybe it’s something you’ve just begun to get to know.

THAT is what I am here to do. THIS is why I’ve started this new movement…..and I call it this:

Imperfectly Spiritual. 

Says it all. Showing up, every day, putting your SOUL self first, doing the best I can to navigate this earth-bound world while being the Spiritual entity that I am. First.

And do I ever do that perfectly? Of course not. Do I have my moments where I fall off the horse, decide it’s all nonsense, and try to think my way out of my own purpose? Of course.

I know what it’s like. I also know that having these moments doesn’t make you less than Spiritual. They just mean you’re human. And learning. And doing the best you can at any given moment.

THAT is what this movement is all about. That is what I am bringing to you.

I can’t say I know where this is going. But I do know I’ll keep bringing all that I have to it–AND to you.

What happens along the way just might be magical!

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