This week is all about RESOLUTIONS….totally useless or simply misused? That’s what we’re out to discover.

We all know (and we’ve been talking about) how so often they flop big time, and now let’s dig deeper into the WHY of it all.

I know it didn’t occur to me at first, but after hearing what others said in terms of their Resolution experiences, one thing became clear–most Resolutions get abandoned EARLY in the game.

Now, THAT part isn’t news. Hardly. Just check out a gym on January 2nd and then check it out again on January 31st. Need I say more?

What WAS news to me was that a seriously big reason behind that became clear–at least one reason that is often overlooked, in my opinion.

Suppose that the thing you resolved to do you’re actually just not that into? 

I mean, when you WANT it enough, why would you ever give up? Why would you ever walk away from it indefinitely?

Sure, there’s always moments where you get tired, discouraged, have setbacks, or feel like quitting, but tell the truth: do you ever REALLY give up for good if it’s what you really want?

Probably not.

That’s just it. I believe that too many of us put pressure on ourselves to want things that the world TELLS us we should want. Things that you HAVE to have in order to be happy–the perfect relationship, this much money to buy this and that, the dream job, the perfect kids, the ideal body….on and on it goes.

Seems like there’s a very limited vision of what constitutes a “perfect” life.

Now, don’t get me wrong–ALL of the about are beautiful and lovely things. If you want any or all of them, I applaud you.

But then again, if you said you wanted any or all of the above things and you either don’t have them yet OR are not actively pursuing them…….are you sure that you’re really all that into the idea? REALLY?

Trust me, it’s totally OK if you’re NOT! Just be honest.

That leads to the next wrinkle in the operation: complaining about what you don’t have when you don’t really want it anyway.

Simply put, don’t. Save yourself and those around you a LOT of wasted energy and grief. That is all.

But here’s the thing: you KNOW that you’re not quite fulfilled, and the regularly prescribed fixes for your life don’t excite you. This much you’ve already got.

You know you want SOMETHING….but what?

This is where planning from the SOUL comes in. Where getting to know YOURSELF at the deepest and highest place is vital. Trust Me, goals from anywhere but the Soul are going to be an uphill battle at best (and one that you’ll likely abandon because eventually you just won’t care if you make it or not….)

This is where the REVOLUTION of the Non-Resolution Revolution comes in. It’s not about seeing what you don’t have. It’s seeing what you DO have….by getting rid of all the clutter, the crap, and the noise. And experiencing the YOU that you REALLY are. Not who your mind THINKS you are or what it THINKS you want.

We’re talking the the REAL stuff here! The stuff of peace. The stuff of inspiration. Serious staying power and BIG Universal rewards.

It’s time for the Soul Reboot Challenge 2017! Join me December 26th-January 2nd to get clear, get jazzed, and get to the Soul of ALL that you want. For real.

When you start HERE….anything is possible. Seven days, seven anti-Resolution steps.

BIG time rewards starting right NOW.



2 Comments on Do You Really Want What You Say You Want? (Another Non-Resolution Statement)

  1. Merri
    December 16, 2016 at 7:58 pm (6 months ago)

    How refreshing ! Looking forward to December 26th ✨ … Probably as much as Santa is! 🎅🎅. Let’s get started ! 😊

    • Jennifer
      December 21, 2016 at 2:51 pm (6 months ago)

      Of course! It’s gonna be big!


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