So last week, we took on the tired, tried and (still) true advice of “finding your passion” and tried to make some practical sense of it all. It came down to two main points: getting specific on what your passion means to you (which we hit on last week) and then….knowing what is behind that passion, where it comes from, and how the “why” behind the “what”. I promised you we’d get to the second part this week, so let’s get on that now!

Let’s say that you’re already good with getting clear on what your burning reason to live is–or at least you have some idea of what might lead to that high and mighty place. Hooray! You’re already halfway there (at least!). And you’re ready to take action on an idea, start putting something into the world, start creating. Boom! Rock on. But are you ready to pull the cord on the parachute just yet? Maybe so….but what if it still isn’t quite enough to make it all real for you? What’s the missing ingredient here?

It might be more the “why” than the “what”.

Tell me, just why do you want to do all this, anyway? How do you feel when you let your dreams in, really unleash them in your imagination? Consider what you’d want to be the most rip-roaringly amazing outcome, then look closer. Tell me, dear Creative Entrepreneur…..why do you want this? Why is the idea of your own business and life on your own terms so exciting? You may want to be freer in your life. You may want to spend more time with your family. You may want financial security. You may just want to be able to sit on a beach and watch Neflix all day (can you do both?).  Now, any of these ideas are just fine with me, if that’s what YOU want. No judgement here. But….are they enough to really make you commit to a business?

If so, great!  But if….not quite, but almost…well, look a little bit closer. Your intentions are pretty huge right here. Do you feel fear, the fear of being stuck in a job or a career that makes you feel trapped and gasping for air? Be honest here. If that’s your motivation, that’s OK. Really, it is. But chances are, I bet, there’s even more to it. But what about…say, not only wanting to be free but also….being free to do the thing that turns you into the night sky on the 4th of July?

Both of these approaches can be potent calls to action, no doubt about it. But what I want for you–and what I hope that you want for yourself–is to be running toward something that you dearly wish for rather than away from something that is threatening to squash your Soul like a bug. Doesn’t that sound a lot better? And in the long run, more sustainable?

Yeah, I thought so!

Once you decide that you really want to make it happen, many forces will help you conspire, and there will be multiple ways and means along your path. You’re going to need massive action, it’s true. But where that action comes from can make all the difference. And that, my friends, is what I want you to consider today. Now, we all know that it can’t always be fun, effortless, and Disney-magical every second of every day. Duh. It’s hard sometimes down here in physical earthly reality. I get that. But I found my true pathway, and you can, too….and it doesn’t have to be so mysterious or frustrating as we sometimes make it out to be.

How did I get there? For starters, I took action.  And action lead to may things… lots of trial, error, and reboots. I went with something for a while, and let it go when it was time (I talk about why I folded my first business in last week’s article, among other topics!) But there was something else I did along the way not only to get clearer but also to induce even MORE action.

I started to Trust My Soul. Completely. (And I found that it was something I’d been doing all along, though I might not have called it that!)

When I say that, what does it mean? (Other than make up a pretty slider on my homepage?) Seriously….how do you do that?

I bet you know the answer to that more than you might think you do, but I’ll share mine with you. When I say “trust your Soul”, I mean the part of you that you can find somewhere between the top of your head and the whole of your heart. I mean the part of you that when you let your critical and practical mind take a back seat begins to sing like a bird in the springtime. The part of you that knows completely and utterly what you really want and who you really are.

Yes, that one.

And there are many ways to get there, and I bet you have a few of your own, though you might not necessarily call them the pathways to your Soul (then again, you might!). If you’re not sure just how, let me share a few of my most successful Soul-accessing strategies right here:

-First, shut off the mind for a moment. Yep, just do it. Get quiet. Turn off the TV (or the Netflix), sign out of Facebook, bag the Twitter, stop Pinning (as hard as THAT is!) and put the phone down. Just for a while, I promise. Let your mind chatter simmer down. This is hard, I know. One way to make it easier is to simply get away for a few moments. Get outside. Fresh air really is a magic-worker. If you like yoga, go for it. But you don’t have to stay in a downward dog or chant on a mountaintop if that’s not for you. Just be quiet and gentle with yourself. No talking. Just listening. Listen for an answer. You can set an intention, you can gently ask a question. But….don’t force an answer. Just listen to the quiet, if only for five minutes (even one minute will do sometimes!). Do it. Seriously. You won’t regret it. You never know what you might tell yourself….


-Get moving. And move a LOT! If you like to run, go run. If you like a brisk walk, head on out. If you prefer a tough gym workout, be my guest. But move. And move BIG TIME. Whatever that means for you. Get all of the circuits clear by blasting all of the stagnant energy out of your body and restoring a more calm current. And while you’re at it, don’t turn the mind chatter back on. Keep it turned off. And let things happen. (That is what these two opposing tactics have in common!) It is amazing what will rise to the top when you do this. No kidding. Just…try it. Really.

What happens when you do this or anything like it? Simple: you begin to know who you are and what you want—and why. Maybe not all in one sitting, one workout, or one moment of clarity. It takes practice, and sometimes a lot of patience. But when you keep at it, it eventually fuels a greater understanding of why–which helps you get clear about the what–which helps you (da-da-da-DAAAAA!) take ACTION! And isn’t that what we want, in the end?

How do you sum up what seems like a big fat paradox? Like this:

Finding your passion requires getting clear and specific. But it also involves taking action. So make some lists. Generate some ideas. and TRY some of them out. If something grabs you, REALLY grabs you, run with it. If not, that’s OK! Keep trying things.

-While you’re doing this, listen to yourself. As you take action, feel what is happening. Take a step back and let your intentions become clearer. Sometimes take a step back and just listen. Listen to what your highest self is really telling you. Then take action, but take conscious action. (You know, the FUN kind!)

So are you still with me, does it all seem a little “out there” for you, or are you saying “right on!” right now? I’d love to hear how any of these strategies work for you….or if you have something else that you like, tell me all about it!

And if there is anything that seems unclear, something that I left out, or some burning question that you have about all of this fabulous craziness, I’d love to hear it! Ask away!

See you next week, my friends!!

3 Comments on “Find Your Passion” (For Real This Time!) Part 2

  1. Merri
    July 1, 2015 at 3:53 pm (2 years ago)

    Wonderful! Great way to delineate some priceless self – assessments for being true to yourself ! Love it!

    • Jennifer
      July 1, 2015 at 8:09 pm (2 years ago)

      Yes, it is always important to do things….but to remember the reason behind them. For me, I’ve found that the happier the reason for doing something is, the more likely I’m going to keep moving forward. Love always seems to produce more exciting results than fear does, I’ve found!

      • Merri
        July 2, 2015 at 8:40 pm (2 years ago)

        Absolutely ! Just like you’d mentioned in your post about “motivation” as compared to “inspiration” …. A vast difference and completely different feel… One gives us a “whew, I am glad that’s over” … The other gives a “wow… I am thrilled this is beginning.”


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