Soul readings are a curious thing. And yet they make TOTAL sense. Everyone is special…and yet SO much the same.

I know, I know….cut the hippie talk, the “we’re all one” and yet we’re not, e pluribus unum ad infinitum, and yet we’re ALL about liberty and personal freedom. Saying this on the one hand and that on the other. You’ve heard it all before, right?

Well, maybe. But like most cliches, there is a certain amount of TRUTH to them.

Nothing has brought me closer to the Universal truth, I have found, than what I am doing right now. I’ve seen SO much proof of the individuality yet unity of the Soul journey since I’ve started offering Soul Readings with the Akashic Records that it’s kind of been mind-blowing…even for ME! (And folks, THAT is saying something!)

What I’ve seen, what I’ve shared with others, and what others and and Spirit Guides have shared with me has been pretty phenomenal.

It has proven SO many Bible verses, seemingly cliched quote boxes, and moments of good-ol’-fashioned common sense pretty well spot-on.

All with the unique spin of the individual, of course!

Since I’ve worked this kind of Soul reading into my work, I’ve learned two things: 

-Everyone’s story is different, everyone’s journey is unique


-Everyone’s journey is the same….in a way.

What? Seems counterintuitive, right? Yes, it is. But there is so much Truth in both statements. Overall wishes, desires, and questions people have often seem to be the similar….

….BUT everyone is at a different place on the pathway. Not necessarily ahead or behind, but just a different place. A DIFFERENT place. No better, no worse, just different. AND everyone experiences the pathway in their OWN way.

What does this mean?

It means that you can rest assured that you aren’t weird. You’re not so different that you can’t be understood. It isn’t like nobody else would understand your pain, your joy, your longing. Someone always would, because someone has gone through it, too. Someone can relate.

Questions are eternal….but you bring your OWN uniqueness and glow to them. 

There is a hero and heroine’s journey….but then again there isn’t anyone else in the world who lives it quite like YOU do.

So maybe Joseph Campbell AND Mr. Rogers were BOTH right? 

I’d say so!

What do I mean when I say all of this? I want you to know that you ARE safe and protected as you pursue the things you need to go after. You owe it to yourself to KNOW yourself, HONOR yourself, and GO for what you want, that thing that is uniquely yours.

You also have a right to know that no matter how alone in your pathway you might feel, someone else has gone through it, too and can relate. Maybe not exactly in the way that you see it, but enough to KNOW….and to be able to help.

I’ll be talking a LOT more about all of this on my new webinar next week, and I would LOVE for you to join me! Wondering what a Soul Reading really is? And what is in it for you?
SO much is in it for you, let me tell you! Or rather, let me SHOW you!

Join me on Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 at 8PM ET/5 PM PT for The Akashic Records: The Lowdown on the SOUL Experience.

I go over all of the FAQs–plus a few surprises! (And yes, of course there’ll be a replay if you can’t be there live!)

To ensure FULL access, hop on over and sign up right HERE. 

Bring your questions, your curiosity, and of course your beverage of choice! See you there! 😉


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