Talking to Spirit–is it part of your everyday life, or is it more like something that is just too good, too weird, or too “out there” to be true? 

And for that matter, how do you know you’re actually talking to Spirit? Are there rules for this sort of thing? What does it sound like? And HOW do I know that it’s not just “all in my head”?

Here’s the deal: you’ve probably known for a long time what communication with the Soul is really like. But maybe you just didn’t call it that. Talking to God, getting guidance, making Soul connections, communicating with Source….all of it means the same thing. ALL of it.

Others might calling intuition, knowing, gut feelings. Maybe guidance from above, guardian angels, sacred signs. All of that is true, too.

But what is right? Is there a right way to do it? Of course there is. YOUR way. That’s the only right way for you.

I know, I know…you want answers, you want guidelines. Who wouldn’t? Well, I am here to free you of all that. And to let you know that you’re already doing it the right way. Really.

When it comes to connecting with Spirit, it’s all about a feeling. One that you know is right, even thought it might not make sense. Allowing your heart center to take the lead. Not letting your mind butt in where it doesn’t belong.

It’s a feeling of rightness that starts from the top of your head and radiates down to the heart. A KNOWING feeling coming from your Soul being, your very essence. (You know, those moments where you really feel that you’re “in the zone”?)

It’s NOT an emotion. Here’s what I mean by that: it’s not a judgement made by the mind that makes something “good” or “bad”. This is what “emotions” tend to be. Knee-jerk reactions, snap judgements, usually based on what the mind THINKS it wants.

But a TRUE feeling? Nothing like that. It’s WAY better than that because it comes from a whole different place. One that might seem too good to be true…..but then again, remember that “too good to be true” is the language of the MIND, not the Soul.

Sometime the things that seem to be too good to be true are the TRUEST things of all. And it’s the FEELING that tells you that.

It’s easy to get those feelings when you’re relaxed. When you’re giving thanks. During meditation, gratitude time, or thankful prayer. But bringing them into the real world? Actually DOING what you know that you need to do?

Sometimes acting on what you know is real is the hardest part! That’s where knowing that the Universe (Spirit) is there for you makes it easier.

THAT is where getting in touch with your Soul being comes in. Knowing what it wants…and taking action based on this because you have the affirmation, you have the guidance, and you know that the Universe has got you.

This is where the Akashic Records come in. It’s some of the best Soul guidance around! I am going to be talking about that and SO much more on my FREE class “The Akashic Records–The LOWDOWN on the SOUL Experience”. Meet me October 26th, 2016 at 8PM ET/5PM PT at your computer, and I’ll fill you in on how the Records are the Perfect place to get back to YOU, know how you really want to feel, and get that Spirit connection going.

THIS is where you can learn to trust that connection and make talking to Spirit REAL. Join me right HERE! (And of course there’ll be a replay in case you can’t be there live!)

So tell me…what are some of the ways that YOU already know you’re dialed in to the Universe?  I’d love to know!  Hit me up in the comments below.





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