What’s another thing that bugs me about Resolutions and the way they stand right now?

Simple. The idea that there’s something wrong with you.

The idea that somehow, you need “fixing”. And New Year’s is the right time to create a “New You”. (In other words, the you that you are RIGHT NOW isn’t good enough.)

Here’s the good news….you DON’T need fixing. YOU–the you that you are at your Soul–is already just right. It already has everything that you need to become who you were meant to become.

So why fix that?

Why put all kinds of conditions, restrictions, and rules coming from your head to make your heart and Soul “better”?

I say big NO to that. 

Still, I get the sense of restlessness. The sense that something might be missing in our lives and the desire to make it better.

Maybe it’s not “better” that you really want. Perhaps it’s just getting back to basics. Getting rid of the ideas that the world has given you about who you are…..and seeing what remains.

How about THAT? How about finding what your SOUL is yearning for by unleashing it? Now, THERE’S a plan I can get behind.

What’s the difference here? This:

-No wasting your time worrying about things that you don’t really want just to be like everyone else

-Letting go of the idea that there’s something wrong with you and allowing yourself to shine through

-Trusting in the guidance you’re getting from the Universe….and knowing that it’s ALWAYS leading you in the right direction

And finally….


2 Comments on The Presumption that you NEED fixing (Another Non-Resolution Thing)

  1. Merri
    December 19, 2016 at 7:33 am (6 months ago)

    Yes! Awaiting “the rest of the story” 😊😊. Wonderful post … So timely, energetic, encouraging, and needed 🌟🌟

    • Jennifer
      December 21, 2016 at 2:52 pm (6 months ago)

      Yes…so true! Always important to remember that you are just fine the way you are and that you don’t need to be “fixed”.


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