Part 3 is on today! So by now you’re probably getting pretty good at knowing that the Signs are there….but that might bring up a WHOLE new question, and that is this:

Who decides what this supposed sign really MEANS? Do I leave it up to my head, my heart, my gut, my dumb luck? All of the above?

Good question. I would say “all of the above” (though maybe not “dumb luck”), but there is one that takes precedence. Of course it’s your heart.

But this is the part where you can try too hard again, and your head can butt in. Sure, it might give you some sound practical feedback eventually, but it probably shouldn’t get the first word. In fact, it DEFINITELY needs to take a back seat at first.

Let your Soul being be the guide right here. Your mind can dream up a lot of stuff about what a sign might mean, and chances are that it will all be based on fear. This could lead to misinterpretation, and you might miss the whole point.

Your mind can help you make a practical plan to get things done AFTER you get the message…but it isn’t so great at doing that BEFORE you figure out what’s what.

I talk about ALL that right HERE.


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