So you’re looking for Signs. Guidance. Ever looked upward and said, just give me a Sign, Universe!

More like who hasn’t done that, right?

But the next question is this: how do you know if what you’re seeing really IS a message for you? Is it coincidence, is just flat-out random? Or is it something that only you can see?

What happens when you tell someone else what you believe is a guidepost and the look at you as if you’ve gone bright green in the face? Who’s right, you or them?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be talking all about the Signs and how the Universe sends us guidance in more forms than you can imagine. All shapes and sizes, all intended for you. It’s the little nudges, winks, and markers that show up in the earthly world that remind us to keep going, change directions, or anything else.

All you have to do is be ready to see them. That, of course, takes practice. And patience. I know you have it in you for both of those things, though. So let’s get to it!

Part 1 covers the basics–that is, what IS a sign, anyway? What makes it a real one, and how do you know?

Here’s a hint: it’s all in how it makes you feel….AND also (and this is important) WHERE you feel it. Head? Heart? Is it from your fear-based ego….or your love-based Soul?

Not only that, but what does it have to be? I talk about a truly Pam Grout-inspired game that allows you to make the Signs what you want them to be (and get a LOT better at perceiving them, too)!

Creating your idea of a guideline from the Universe helps you see the world around you in a WHOLE new way, and helps you become a LOT more ready for even more communication from Spirit. 

So let’s get to it right HERE!

1 Comment on The Signs Part 1: What IS A Sign, Anyway?

  1. Merri
    November 2, 2016 at 4:19 pm (8 months ago)

    Yes on all counts ! Love it! Let’s find those cobalt blue SUV’s …. What a fabulous exercise in trusting the Source! 🌠


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