So who here is on Facebook? Or shall I say….who here is on Facebook a LOT? 😉

Yep, that would be me. I’m there all the time. For business and pleasure, for short times and long times, for better or for worse….that’s where I spend the majority of my Social Media life. The good ol’ Gold standard of online activity.

Still, with everything flying by so fast in Facebook land–newsfeeds, trending items, notifications, ads, messages, and all the chaos–it can be a little bit like speeding down the Vegas strip at night. Without stopping for traffic lights, pedestrians, or Elvis Impersonators.

But there is one place that I visit every day when I sign on, a little app that has helped me to slow down, stop, and take a moment and see where I am right now….. by seeing where I’ve been.

Do you use the “On This Day” app from Facebook? I look at it every day. Basically, it is an optional app that rounds up all of the posts–if any–that you’ve made on any given day since your Facebook tenure began. It groups them together in one place, a little trip down your Social Media (or at least Facebook) Street of Memories. Nothing like seeing your Facebook life all mapped out…what you were posting a year ago, 2 years ago or even….10 years ago (for those of you who hung out here waaaayyy back then when there was just Facebook and…MySpace….😏 ).

What it has to say to me nearly every day carries with it ALL kinds of memories—and any implications that I’m willing to give them. It can sometimes be VERY telling and substantial.

OK, fine, perhaps it’ll only show you what you were wearing, what song was inexplicably stuck in your head, or what you had for dinner on that particular day years ago. Surely remembering that five years ago today it was tuna surprise night is totally enlightening, right??

But sometimes in those seemingly mundane details might lie something more valuable than you might think.

Why this little app is so awesome:

-It can remind you of where you were and what was important to you at the time
-It can help you remember that ALL of the steps in life are important because they were all necessary to get where you are right now
-It might show you what has worked in the past…and also what might not want to be repeated
-It can show you how far you’ve come and that things are ALWAYS happening, whether they seem to be or not

Where were you one year ago? Two years ago? Five years ago? Take a look! (And let your old pal Mark Zuckerberg help!) 😀

How can this help? Some examples right here!

Seeing where you were shows how you got to where you are. Last year at this time everything was just a dream for me–and not even a fully-formed one just yet. Two years ago I hadn’t even conceived of what I have right now. And three years ago? Not even close to THAT. But the things that WERE important to me back then? It makes me see that I really was evolving all along. No matter what was going on I can always see and feel the connection to what is happening right now.

But what if looking back on things makes you feel more regret than relief? Suppose that you just don’t want to remember how much time you feel that you’ve “wasted” in getting where you are? Or that in looking back, you feel that not only were you wasting time then but also that you STILL aren’t closer to your dreams now than you were then? Well, seriously–NOT to worry–you probably haven’t wasted any time. Look closely. Look honestly. What were your primary cares in years passed? No matter how they might look on the outside, they HAVE formed a step on your path. They HAVE helped get you where you are now. Even if only to help you re-evaluate your course. And believe me, THAT is good enough right there!

And what of the things that seemed regrettable? That’s OK too. As long as you learned from them. As long as they’ve shown you not to stay in a past that didn’t work for you. And if this has come of the not-so-great memories, they have served their purpose.

Sometimes just looking at a marker event will remind you that things ARE happening. How? Because of what you might’ve been totally convinced of a year ago–and what has transpired since. By what you had NO idea was even possible….but went on to come to fruition.

Looking at what happened “On This Day” can help you revisit a moment that might not only give you a sense of connection to the past, but also it can make you remember that more is happening than you could ever imagine. And that you really ARE moving ahead. And that everything you’re dreaming about is on its way to you. All this with just ONE little installation! (The miracle of Social Media, right?)

Do you use it or something like it (like Timehop, for example)? Have you found it to be useful and inspirational too? I’d love to hear about it!

1 Comment on Think That Your Business and Life Dreams Aren’t Happening? Facebook Might Disagree! (Just ask the “On This Day” App!)

  1. Merri
    November 26, 2015 at 9:40 am (2 years ago)

    Wonderful Thanksgiving post today! just wanted to offer that, since I am a hopeless collector of paper (gasp!), I have frequently been able to view my “to do” hand-written lists …. They, much like the Facebook pages, are revealing and enlightening! Indeed, so many “what did I do todays” are marvelous reminders about the stepping stones I’ve touched on to get to this very day …. Thank you for a great reminder and a generous dose of Thanksgiving encouragement. 🙂


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