Late last year I quit my job and threw everything into a new idea. I thought at the moment that I was taking a big chance. Like this was a big Leap of Faith.

Turned out that much like Jon Snow, I knew nothing.

Jumping out into the world with not much to back me up and only something of a plan seemed pretty daring, exciting, and kind of mind-boggling (especially for a BIG-time planner like me). But I did it anyway.

And you know what? It didn’t really feel like that much of a leap. It just felt like the next step. As though I was doing something that most of us would consider a big break….but for some reason to me it just felt like an everyday thing, a logical step. Hardly a divinely-inspired act of courage.

Maybe I should’ve treated it like it was that big of a deal. Perhaps I should’ve given myself more credit for my courage. But to me, it felt like something I should’ve done years ago.

That might’ve been why things started so slowly and got so scary. 

I found myself struggling, looking for direction, looking for traction, and somehow feeling disconnected. Drifting and free….but somehow not making much of an impact.

But then it occurred to me…..was simply leaving my job the Leap of Faith that I thought it was? Or was that just a necessary step I had to take and the REAL test was yet to come?

I definitely hoped not–I mean, seriously–I’d quit my job, Universe! What more do you want from me?

Turns out that the Universe wanted a LOT more from me. It wanted me to be completely honest and true about my REAL mission in life. The Universe wanted me to be open, forthright, and secure in the Mission. 

I wasn’t fully and truly ACCEPTING myself as I was and what I wanted to be. The way forward was to LOVE myself and the mission…..and to see the mission as a true GIFT rather than a solemn obligation. 

In other words, it wanted me to be ALL out there as ME. And to like it, dammit. 

Now what a daunting leap of faith THAT sounded like? After several months of trying to figure out this business thing, was THAT what I was missing? Exposing my heart, soul, and full SELF without fear and while actually  having a good time with it?

Honestly….quitting the job with no set alternative sounded a LOT less scary!!

What else did I have to do but take a long, seriously critical but kind look at the situation? NOW we were talking. NOW I knew we’d get somewhere. 

I also knew it wouldn’t be easy to admit to what I really wanted. It would be scary at first to TRUST in the power of God/Universe to help me get it done. ACCEPTING myself, my calling, AND that the Universal Power that would help me get everything I wanted was by no means gonna be a piece of cake. 

But that’s what it’s all about, folks. 

It’s all about why you’re here in this life. And it really IS all about YOU. You and what you came here to do.

But then again, it doesn’t have to be a matter of national security, either.

In other words–your true mission and your true purpose are ALL there is in this life….but that DOESN’T mean it can’t be full of joy. That DOESN’T mean it can’t be an adventure. 

But what it DOES mean? It means taking the BIGGEST Leap of Faith of ALL. And showing the world the REAL you. 

Now that’s all that I do–I help YOU find out what that thing is for you. The thing you were born to do, the thing that Spirit calls you to do, the thing that makes YOU you. And actually accept it, love it, and ENJOY it!

You deserve ALL of those things. It isn’t necessary to struggle with a path that isn’t yours, be it business or life. Nobody said you have have to do what everyone else is doing. The only thing you need to do is what YOU need to do. 

That’s what I help you discover. No more “shoulds”,  “gottas”, or obligations. 

As Outback used to say, “No Rules, Just Right.”

Do you know what that is for YOU just yet? Tell me all about it below! 



2 Comments on I Thought The Leap Of Faith Was When I Quit My Job…

  1. Merri
    September 16, 2016 at 5:08 pm (9 months ago)

    What a great piece! Filled with the insight of having been there! To answer your inquiry, I thought for years that I wanted to be a nurse … There was “never a good time” get the schooling done … Come to find out, my real purpose was to show how to bridge the gap between the temporal and the eternal … Not quite nursing duties, but my mission all the same ! 😊🌞🌟

    • Jennifer
      September 20, 2016 at 1:21 pm (9 months ago)

      Yeah, it sure is funny what happens when you keep going down the path, accepting what’s there but not always taking everything you see. Sends you down a lot of interesting roads and eventually to the one you need to be on, if you allow it!


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