Some of us in this world are blessed enough to know exactly what they want to do the moment they are old enough to say it out loud. Some of us got that particular road map that showed us the way from the get-go. If you’re one of these people, well, lucky you! Be very grateful for that and show the world what you have to offer!

Then there are others with so much vision, so much passion for so many different things that settling on one thing is nearly impossible. Those of who changed their college major four times. Those of who have had just about every job. Those of us who have so many huge and amazing ideas, so much idea traffic in their heads and hearts that it has caused some serious gridlock.

Don’t feel like this is necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great thing. Its a wonderful thing to discover many different pathways and possibilities in this world. It is brilliant to be so curious about everything that you just can’t get enough knowledge and experience. Lord knows I’m one of those people!

But when you’re that kind of person, so many times you can hit one of two walls: 1) you might have so many interests that pull you in every direction at once–should I do this? Should I do that? Should I do everything?–and hence nothing gets out of your head and into the world , or 2) you might have notions that are intriguing and inspiring but are also vague and difficult to pin down,  thus the lack of a clear plan leads to a lack of motivation. Regardless of the case, the end result is the same: nothing ever quite materializes.

How do you choose just one thing to create your ideal business around when the world seems to be providing so many different amazing options? What if one moment you want to offer this service and then next something else surely must be the “be-all” for you? Here’s the dilemma: Is it absolutely necessary to let one thing go to focus on another? And moreover,  do you have to be absolutely and perfectly 100% clear to even take the first steps at all??

Well, I have had a lot of experience in life in this way, not to mention the help, guidance, and advice of some of the best people out there (Marie Forleo, Rebecca Tracey, Jenny Shih, and Jordana Jaffe, just to name a few, have all made a huge impact on this issue for me!) and I’ll tell you what I have concluded.

Do you have to choose just one thing to build your business? Yes. And No. See, the indecision strikes again! (No, just kidding…read on!)

I believe that the only way to really make things happen, the only way to do your very best work, is to take on one big challenge at a time. Do it justice. It doesn’t necessarily have to take up the rest of your life. Just the moment that it is in, that’s all.

You know that popular concept “multitasking”? It’s not all that. Focusing on what is in front of you at any given moment is really the only way to do your best work. That goes for projects, too. I have always had many “irons in the fire” at any given time, but when it came to the big projects, well, one at a time was the only way to go.
If you find yourself balking at the idea of having to give up one passion to pursue another, there are two things to remember: first, if you choose to spend the majority of your time developing one major idea, know that all you’re doing is taking one road—and that the road doesn’t have to go on forever. If you choose one pathway, give it your best efforts while you’re on it. Give it time, do it justice.  And if it isn’t working out, course correction is always possible. Even chucking it all is a possibility. It’s OK. So just because you make a commitment today doesn’t mean that your trapped for life. But you gotta start somewhere.

Second, if you find yourself giving a little bit of effort to a great many things, and doing none of it very well, then what winds up really getting done? Not much. If no clear choice gets made, no real effort can be put forth. The Universe doesn’t much care for “wishy-washy”…..if you put out indecision, you get indecision back. Don’t do that.

OK, so you might be saying at this point. Fine, I’ll pick a team and start playing. So how do I choose what to start with? What if I am really that clueless right now?

Well, honestly, you’re probably not as indecisive as you think. But if you believe that you are, I have a few tricks for that conundrum. Try one of these (or all of them, if you wish!):

1) Get quiet. Turn off the TV, silence the iPhone, get off the Twitter. Now. Really listen to what’s going on around you. Feel what’s going on in your body. Particularly right there in the center of it all. You can get the iTunes, Facebook, and 24/7 news on the TV going again in just a few minutes if you want to, I promise. But for the next 10-15 minutes just dial it down. Sit comfortably and really listen to yourself. That chatter in your mind? Just let it carry on. Pay it little attention, if any. Now, ask yourself what it is you really want to be doing. When you consider the possibilities, notice which one fills you up with the most excitement and warmth.

2) Get moving. Yes, just the opposite. Move, go. Run, dance, walk fast, get out and get around. Breathe in the air and stay just within the space of where you are and what you’re doing. No other distractions. If you’re at the gym, turn off the TV on the treadmill. Feel everything going on inside of you. Ask yourself the same question as in question #1. See what happens. (This is particularly effective during and after a run!)

3) The “Fast Answer” Test. Write down a series of questions relating to the decision you have to make. Use index cards. Use pen and paper. Jot them down on your smartphone notes. Now get a friend to help you. Have him or her give you a “Ready, Set, Go” and then read the question in a rapid-fire sequence. Give the first answer that comes to you. Don’t think about it, just answer. Quickly. And without thinking. (A big thanks to Phoebe Buffay for that one!)
What are you trying to tell yourself with all that? You know better than you think you do. Trust it.

Choose something. Go with it. At least for now. It is always subject to change. You’re the creator, after all, so it’s all up to you! Know that it will always be evolving anyway. It will never be the perfect idea or the perfect time. It doesn’t have to be. It just has to be something—and you just have to start.

Still having trouble? Phoebe and Joey to the rescue!

Phoebe and Joey’s “Fast Answer” Game is always a great place to start…..

So what did you come up with? I’d love to hear about how the exercises worked for you, so let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time..


2 Comments on Too Many Ideas? Too Many Passions? Not Enough Action? Here’s The Cure.

  1. Merri
    March 18, 2015 at 10:12 am (2 years ago)

    Excellent post ! This one shall be archived and reread …. Thank you for the inspiration and practical, real time suggestions !!

      March 18, 2015 at 10:18 am (2 years ago)

      Thanks for that! I especially enjoyed writing this one (and it is always relevant to include the advice of Phoebe Buffay, huh). Would love to hear how these strategies work for you!


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