What is it that you REALLY want this coming year to be? What big things have you promised yourself, made public declarations about, finally put on that Intentions/Bucket/To-Do List that we all hear SO much about? (Especially at this time of year??)

It’s easy to get REAAAALLLY ambitious this time of year. You’re gonna do THIS, THAT, and of course you can’t leave out the OTHER THING, right? And it’s ALL gonna change overnight, right? Just because it’s January. Just because we all have a fresh start with a New Year. Right? RIIIIGHT?

Well……has clinging to that one motivating factor ALONE ever worked for you? Never has for me, really!

But that doesn’t mean that this part–the starting the New Year off Fresh, that is–can’t be magical. And inspiring. And Action-inducing. It can be all that and more!

It just requires a little shift in perspective–and a new twist on an old idea!

Let’s take this whole resolution thing from a WHOLE new place this year.


I’m going to talk about TWO key things that’ll help you get started BIG time, improve your chances for success, and DEFINITELY kick up the odds of your actually having FUN with what you’re doing. (Thank me next December!) 😉

Let’s get going with that right NOW!

If you’re new to the whole business thing–that is, if 2016 really IS the year that you want to get things going and become the Entrepreneur that you always wanted to be–then do one thing first before you do anything else–get EXCITED about that! And give yourself due Congratulations! It’s gonna be amazing for you!!! GAAAAHHH!! (I’m getting jazzed FOR you right now!!)

But don’t let this be just another thing you tell yourself you’re going to do just because “It’s January and this is what you do when it’s January.”

Not this time. Let’s get serious just because it’s TIME, not just because it’s January.

After all, when you make plans ONLY because it’s a certain date, a certain time, it often seems to happen that if there’s ONE hiccup, ONE setback, ONE false step, it can be all too easy to decide to let it all tank and pick it up again…later. You know, when the NEXT supposed “big date” comes along. Your birthday. Your anniversary. Your high school reunion. Arbor Day. Tomorrow. Yeah, we’ll start again THEN! And “then” becomes later. And later.

In other words, if all that you have is the mere date on the calendar as your big motivator, it can be a flimsy contract indeed–and about as easy to break as a package of Ramen noodles.

Let’s make plans another way: let your PRIMARY motivation focus on how awesomely jazzed you are about what you’re getting started. Let THAT be the fuel for the fire, not ONLY the date on the calendar.

Don’t get me wrong. I love marker points. I love touchstones. I LOVE new and fresh beginnings. I LOVE Auld Lang Syne. (Hell, I even know the words!!!) But you need something more to keep you going. And that “something” is passion for what you do.

And I know you have THAT, right? So let’s do it! Let’s give you a chance to actually get excited about your big year ahead! Celebrate it. Love the idea of what you’re going to do. Imagine the joy in it all when you get where you need to go. Regardless of what date is on the Calendar.

NOW…on to the next point!

When you’re new to anything–and business in particular–it can be easy to bite off WAY more than you can chew. Get all wound up in everything you need to do (or think you need to do) and let the head start spinning. The pressure. The grief. The responsibility. Where to start…..

And what happens next? You watch the big-ass freight train you fired up start to chug to a screeching STOP. Too much, too soon, too many things that you’re not ready for (and that you probably don’t need just yet, for that matter). Just too much. Unsustainable.

AND THAT, my Friends…..is how a Resolution dies.

What do to to keep your Big and Beautiful Plans from winding up in the junk heap and making it possible for them go Full Steam Ahead instead?

Go back to the first point and remember your BIG vision. Get jazzed about it. No, REALLY jazzed. Then….when it comes to the VERY next steps–keep it simple. Really simple. Plan for the next 1-3 months. The next few weeks. Maybe even the next few days. Make promises to yourself. But keep them small. Keep them doable. And KEEP THEM CONSISTENT.

And after a while…watch what happens!

To Summarize (because that’s what I LOVE to to!):

–Focus on what it is you want to accomplish–and get excited about it because it’s AWESOME, not JUST because it’s January

–Have a Grand Vision of the WHOLE YEAR and yet make your action steps based on the next 1-3 months–because small and manageable steps really DO add up and make a BIG difference while not wearing you out (and sometimes even set the stage for eventual quantum leaps!)

–Take it in manageable steps and choose the ones that you need to take NOW–not the steps for further on down the road (in other words, take it from where you are, not where someone else is)

Who’s getting their business STARTED this year? I want to wish you the biggest “Congrats”! Get excited about it, let it be something you’d be over-the-moon about in the middle of April as you would right now. Then set a Grand Vision for the year. And THEN start small but CONSISTENT action steps–and step up the steps a little bit at a time.

Wondering what those small steps might be for you? Or how about the Grand Vision itself? I’d love to know what YOU are planning to make happen this year!!

1 Comment on Ready To Start Your Business in 2016? How To Make Exciting Plans Not JUST Because The Calendar Has Changed

  1. Merri
    December 30, 2015 at 7:37 am (1 year ago)

    Wonderful! To summarize (I like summaries, too!), my in-action (as opposed to “inaction”!) plan includes simple steps that you outlined so well … a manageable “daily”!
    Quiet contemplation/meditation in the morning … review of my journal …. a daily “gotta-love-this” list of accomplishments for the day … and a why-time moment to revisit the delight of having a business that is truly a passion!


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