This week we wrap up the series based on the “Idea” book (and if you still have yet to check it out,here’s the link to purchase it once again!). So far, we’ve discussed how to narrow down and sort out the possibilities of an idea and what do to if you’ve ever found yourself afraid to share it. This week we’ll talk about what happens when you put ideas into motion.

Are you ready for what will happen with your ideas? Is your idea going to be the same in five years as it is right now? Or even five months? Well, the answer is probably going to be…no.

Ideas change. The grow. They evolve. Just like you as a person have always done. It’s never going to be “perfect” and it’ll never really be “done”. It’ll just keep going and growing. Just like everything else. It may become something similar to what you started with at first, it may take a complete turn, you may even decide you don’t like it anymore. Or… may just dissipate altogether. That’s right. It just might end. Drop. Fail.

It might seem like investing time, money, and energy into something that is going to change, morph into something that doesn’t work for you, or flop altogether anyway might seem counterproductive. Why would anyone want to start pursuing something just to either have it 1) fail, or 2) become something that you decide that you don’t want to do anymore, or 3) just change into something else?

Well, any of the three are distinct possibilities. But none of them are reason enough not to start now. With what you have and from where you are. You’ll never know what is along the path unless you simply start walking it, so why not just give something you have in mind a go?

I started out as a Personal Trainer. I taught classes, worked with people, set up the website, did everything “right”. And as I went along I started to learn that as much as I love health and fitness, something different was calling me. Something that was becoming more and more important to put at the center of my business. And so the Personal Training business slowly but surely fell by the wayside. And I wound up chucking it all, closing up shop, and moving on. So in my case, I guess one could say that all three of the cautionary tales I listed above “came true”.

Or did they? Was it all a failure, did I quit too soon, or that I put a lot of effort into it all for nothing?

Absolutely not.

I learned so much about business, marketing, sharing your passions, and finding courage. But most of all, I learned through that experience the greater vision I had for both business and life. And actually taking action and starting with something that I loved, -no matter whether or not I was sure that this idea was indeed “the one”- lead me to realize something that I already knew, something that was always there. The big idea, the big dream revealed itself.  I just had to see it.  But would it have done that had I not taken the initiative to get started with something first? Probably not as fast, if at all.  So the experience of starting my first business was one of the greatest teachers I had along the path.

So many people started off doing one thing and ended up letting it evolve into something else. So many businesses have changed since they began. Even the corporate giants move and grow with what their audience wants. Is the McDonald’s that a customer walked into in 1955 at all resemble one you might enter today? Not even close. Same basic idea, but BIG evolutions in advertising, menu options, and nearly everything else you might name.

Your ideas will change. They might become things that you never could’ve imagined. They might evolve into something along the lines of the original or they may fall off completely to make way for something else. You may throw it all out in favor of something new. You may make minor adjustments and “tweaks” along the way and nothing more. But don’t be afraid of the pathway. Don’t be afraid to change and grow. Because you’re going to.

And all you have to do is start. See what’s on the path and where it goes. It just might surprise you.

In fact, I guarantee that it will. And I bet that you’re going to be glad about it all in the end.

So what is nagging at you to start with today? It just might be your day to take a big jump. Or a little step. Or something in between! Tell me what you’ve been wanting to do in the comments below. Having trouble coming up with something? Need a little push or guidance with anything we’ve covered? Let me know!



3 Comments on What If My Idea Changes? Or Fails? (And Should I Even Bother Starting If I’m Not Totally Sure?)

  1. Merri
    May 6, 2015 at 11:35 am (2 years ago)

    Wonderful! I agree! It seems as though we are quietly (or not so quietly!)
    conditioned in our culture to select “what you want to do with your life” at
    an early age …. AND, that “one thing” will be it for a lifetime! Absurd! You
    pointed out very well that the one-thing/big bang of a life’s ambition/goal/mission
    is pretty much not the case! “Brava” for the encouragement to dream and do –through all the changes that can/will come along! Opportunities for learning/remembering
    who we really are!

      May 6, 2015 at 1:44 pm (2 years ago)

      Too true! It’s always a good idea to just get started with something, take some action of any kind and see what happens. It’s great to have plans and goals, but also to detach from how things will show up in your life. So even if something you create doesn’t turn out the way you’d planned, it might either turn into something even better or make way for something new. So the take home message: just give it a go!

      • Merri
        May 6, 2015 at 2:03 pm (2 years ago)

        Absolutely! Such a potentially (and actually, I might add!) tough lesson to learn ….. giving up control of the outcomes! My Mom used to say” When designing your life’s plan, use pencil!” Thank you for
        the continuing inspiration!


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