Think that the things that you loved when you were 8 were just kid stuff?

Well, perhaps some of them might’ve been (I don’t even want to get into all the weird stuff that was on TV and on the toy shelves when I was that age….) 😜

Then again, maybe not. Maybe remembering what it was that you loved when you were a wee lass or laddie might help get some memories going. And help you start to see things a little more clearly. Especially when it comes to your budding business idea.

Stuck on what you want your business to be about? Maybe 8-year old you can actually help!

Now, I’m not talking necessarily about starting an actual lemonade stand (though you probably could) or making a living dressing up as a Strawberry Shortcake Doll or becoming a professional Monopoly player (though I have heard of more far-fetched things than that actually happening!).

But it just might be that looking at the reasons why you loved what you loved back then might help loosen up some creative space. It just might help you remember the passions that you were born with. And then channel them another way.

Want to see how that might be?

–When I was a kid we played school. A LOT. Only when I was the teacher it wasn’t just school. It was MAP school. What did we do in map school? We read maps. I got out the Rand McNally road atlas and we read it. Pored over it. Delighted in learning ALL about where we lived, all of the places we could go, and all the things things we could do. We plotted, planned, and went on about all the things we wanted to see. And how
cool it all would be. And how great it would be to actually GO and see them all.

(And to this day I know where EVERY state is!)

Now I help aspiring entrepreneurs get clear and excited about all the things they can do
and make BIG plans to make it all happen.

–One of my dearest friends once told a teacher that when she grew up, she was going
to open a bunny store. Not just a pet store, a BUNNY store! (Talk about a niche market!)
Today she runs her own business as a Scientific Illustrator—and she is amazing at what
she does (and it includes the most brilliant illustrations of bunnies and just about every other animal you can name!).

Sound like both cases are a bit of a stretch? Maybe….but look again. The things you
really loved when you were little might not be EXACTLY what you want your business to
be nowbut they might give you clues. Remembering what you loved as a kid—and WHY
you loved it—just might spark something that you didn’t know was already in you.

If you’re struggling with what you want your business to be all about, why not go ask
8 year-old you what SHE was really into….and why? Then let it settle for a moment.
Don’t look too hard, but look deep. And start to see what comes up. Write down what
kid you would’ve done. All of it. Even if it seems silly. ESPECIALLY if it seems silly! Don’t
censor it. Keep that list. See what it becomes. Sometimes the silliest of memories can spark the most inspiring ideas.

I mean, Map Schools and Bunny Stores? See where THEY can take you?

3 Comments on What The 8-Year-Old You Can Tell You About Your Big Business Idea (That Right Now You Might’ve Forgotten About!)

  1. Merri
    December 2, 2015 at 11:03 pm (2 years ago)

    Wonderful ! This brought back memories of my playing nurse! I had s cap I had made, and my grandmother even made a nurse cape for me! Delighted to remember this ! Guess being of service has always been a big part of my life and is now my business! Thank you for the great memories and reminders ! 😄😋

    • Jennifer
      December 5, 2015 at 1:21 pm (2 years ago)

      Exactly! Not necessarily the exact THING that you wanted to be as a kid, but the reason for it gives you these kinds of clues. 😀

  2. Conny
    December 9, 2015 at 1:10 am (2 years ago)

    Hmm, I was very lonely at 8 years old girl. I was bullied in school and had no friends. I read a lot of books and watched Little House on the Prairie. I will have to give this one a little more thought, not sure yet how I ended up doing what I am doing when I look at me at 8 years old.


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