I was heading out on a summer afternoon last year, corporate uniform in hand and a determined look on my face. “I can get through this day” I was telling myself. “Not too many more. I can make it. I’ll quit this whole mess soon…”

My neighbor was sitting out in front of his building. Always chipper, he called out to me, “So…you gotta go to work, huh?”

Without even thinking I whipped my head around and said with a striking mix of charm and snark:

“I don’t GOTTA do anything. This is a choice.”

Those words flying out of my mouth kind of shocked me. I think it did him, too! I think he might’ve laughed…I’m not even sure. I was just so stunned that I said it. Just what I’d been thinking. Just what I’d known for a very long time. Just the absolute TRUTH.

It WAS a choice. Simple as that. I was making a choice—to keep showing up at the corporate job. Pushing the dream launch date back. Day after day. NOBODY was making me stay there. NOBODY was forcing me to go to my job. I was CHOOSING to go.

And most importantly: NOBODY was going to get me out of there. Nobody, that was, but ME.

What a moment of empowerment. Seriously. Yes, I was still in the job. No, I didn’t have to be. There were ways out. And it was ALL up to me to actually take the steps.

No more blaming my job. No more “woe is me”. No more making my circumstances stronger than my dreams.

I had the power to make it happen. It WAS a choice. A choice that you can make, too.

I’m here to help you make that choice a LOT easier. You CAN get out of the Cubicle. You CAN do what you love. It is my MISSION in life to show you how to start.

So have you ever had a moment like that? When you knew it was up to you to make something big happen?

1 Comment on “You Gotta Go To Work, Huh?” (Or, The Moment That I Knew That Corporate and I Really Were Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together…)

  1. Merri
    March 7, 2016 at 3:51 pm (1 year ago)

    I love the part about not making your circumstances stronger than your dream! Excellent ! Thank you☺️


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