If you don’t know what your business is just yet….why not look at the thing that once was your greatest struggle?

I know, I know….not only does it sound a little bit strange but also it doesn’t sound like that much fun. I mean, who wants to remember THAT whole mess?

But there just might be something to it, those things that you overcame, kicked to the curb, knocked out of the park for good. Really, stay with me for a moment on this one….

When I talk to SO many entrepreneurs, this is what I hear: something that they used to struggle with but found a way to overcome has become their business. Some big “thing” they’ve solved. A thing that not only have they tackled themselves, but also a struggle that they can REALLY relate to because they’ve LIVED it.

That is–a big problem that they USED to have–but they’ve found the way out. And now they want to share it!

I can say with 100% certainty that this is true for me! I talked about the struggles I went through right here last week.

And while my particular story might not have sounded like any kind of life-or-death dilemma (at least not in the physical sense!), it meant everything to me. That’s because figuring it out and taking big action to do something about it is what made me able to get this dream of mine off the ground.

There are many kinds of struggles out there, many things you’ve overcome, beasts you’ve slayed, triumphs you’ve earned. And I’m not saying that ALL of them by any means could be the basis of a business. Not all trials and tribulations in life are meant to translate in this way, don’t get me wrong….

But what I HAVE found is that SO many businesses that are successful as well as Heart-Felt, Soul-Based, and Passion-Filled are based on helping others overcome a struggle. Squash a fear. Finally achieve a dream. And they’re run by men and women who have BEEN there, have learned life-changing tricks, strategies, and lessons that they can’t WAIT to share–and they are the kind of triumphs that are perfect to make into their life’s work.

What you have struggled with most in the past just might be the thing for you. The thing that you are the most passionate about just might be the thing that you’ve butted heads with the most–and won. And the things that have made the most difference in your life? They might be just the thing you need to teach others.

If you find this kind of passion for a problem that you KNOW you can solve, you just might be on to something!

Think about it for a moment….what have you overcome, figured out, made happen? What has come along, changed your life in a BIG way, made you a “believer”?

Anything like that might be worth your consideration. If you don’t know what your business is all about just yet, think about the greatest struggles you’ve overcome and the biggest breakthroughs you’ve ever had…and remember that someone else out there needs to hear what you have to say.

And they just might be waiting for you right NOW!

So has that ever happened to you? Something you’ve figured out that became your mission in life to teach everyone? Let me know all about it!

1 Comment on Your Greatest Struggle Might Be Your Greatest Triumph (And Greatest Idea!)

  1. Merri
    December 17, 2015 at 9:11 am (2 years ago)

    Absolutely ! With today’s post, you nailed it! Our biggest struggles are always present the most profound and important part of who we are and what we have to share …. Thank you! I just must read this again and take it ALL in! 😋


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